Investocracy is one of a kind startup and investment deal discovery platform focused on startups from Africa, Asia, and other emerging markets and is targeted towards Japan. We also operate a bi-lingual (English and Japanese) news and media platform catering to global startup information and updates.

It is a closed network of investors that helps you close your fundraising round quickly, at the same time helping you gauge user interest for your product/service. We provide:
– Information Media services related to startup investments in Africa & Asia (
– Startup Market Landscape Reports (
–  Networking Events for Startup and Investors
– Matchmaking Platform for Startup and Investors (currently under development)
– Customized Reports on Demand (
– Advice regarding fundraising, pitches, term sheets, networking with investors. Fundraising coaching (

Our purpose is simple: Provide Information Democracy for global investments.

Please note that we do not provide investment-related advice.

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Our news and media platform is also available via a mobile app which is available at
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