Based in Japan and India. Has led to 1 successful fundraise in Japan. Been working the space of Venture Capital and Private Equity for the last 3 years.

According to published reports, AgLocal announced $1.3 million in a funding round led by Chicago Ventures, with participation from Sam Yagan, Bob Trahan, and all other prior investors.

AgLocal is supporting the movement towards conscious consumerism and a more transparent food system by creating a marketplace that rewards family farms with a more fair way to participate in the market. We source all of our meats from farms that implement responsible ranching practices concerning animal diet, medical treatment and animal well-being. Because independent farms currently compete in an increasingly undemocratic and commoditized economy, we encourage the sustainable efforts of these ranchers by negotiating fair market prices with each farm. AgLocal works to create demand for these independent farms and expand their reach to increase growth and consumer awareness about the benefits of supporting family farms and responsible agriculture. AgLocal has created a marketplace where consumers can conveniently savor high quality meats while actively supporting the development of sustainable, regional farms.

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