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Agronomic Technology Corp announced a $2.2 million investment to expand its Adapt-N cloud-based recommendation platform for farmers and agronomists gives farmers customized, soil-driven insights that lead to more profitable and environmentally sound fertilizer, crop and irrigation decisions.
The company said that proceeds from the investment, which comes from Arthur Ventures, Cayuga Venture Fund, and Armory Square Ventures, are being deployed to scale its engineering and agronomy teams, expand work with enterprise partners, and extend its offering from corn into additional crops.
‘Our vision is to be the leading independent voice of scientifically-driven recommendations for farmers and agriculture partners,’ said Steve Sibulkin, CEO of Agronomic Technology Corp.
Adapt-N: Nitrogen applications that are better for the wallet and the environment.
Improving nitrogen fertilizer application is a high priority for the company. Nitrogen feeds half the world’s crops, but 50% of it can be lost to variable soil, crop and weather dynamics. Cornell University Professor Harold van Es, whose team developed Adapt-N over the past decade, emphasizes that this leads to wasted expense, lower yields, and environmental degradation through greenhouse gas emissions and runoff.
‘Adapt-N helps growers make better decisions about the 4R’s of nutrient management – right rate, right source, right time and right place – so more ends up in the crop,’ said Professor van Es. ‘We use advanced modeling, soil knowledge, data and years of field calibration to arm farmers with tools that bring best practices to life.’
‘What I like about Adapt-N is that it’s the only tool that gives me a real number,’ said Iowa farmer Tim Richter, who operates more than 7,000 acres. Richter says he used Adapt-N in 2013 to generate increased yield of 40 bushels per acre, resulting in an additional profit of $200 per acre.
Adapt-N is the only nitrogen modeling tool on the market backed by published peer-reviewed land grant research, fully transparent strip trial results across multiple seasons, and with data proving that it can improve grower profit while reducing environmental losses. It was awarded the Ag Professional New Product of the Year in 2012, and was recognized as the top-rated nitrogen management tool in Walmart’s sustainability initiative.
About Agronomic Technology Corp
Agronomic Technology Corp is a sustainable agriculture company that helps growers improve their financial and environmental performance with integrated software, science and data. The company operates Adapt-N, the leading precision nitrogen management solution, which uses soil, crop and field management, and weather information to help farmers improve profitability and environmental performance. The company is backed by farmers and technology investors, and maintains an independent approach to improving performance. For more information, visit and follow the company on Twitter @AdaptNitrogen.

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