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Alt12 Apps, one of the leading publishers of social health apps, announced today the launch of Kidfolio, a social network and digital scrapbook for parents. In addition to Kidfolio, Alt12 Apps closed its seed round of funding of $1.26M.

The round was led by Aydin Senkut’s Felicis Ventures, with participation from InterWest Partners and other individual angels, including HealthTap founder Ron Gutman. This funding will help Alt12 Apps make Kidfolio the best social network for parents and expand the company’s growing social health platform.

Kidfolio supports parents throughout the adventure of raising children, connecting them with a network of other parents to exchange information, advice and support; giving them daily and weekly information on what to expect; and enabling them to capture photos and videos of milestones such as baby’s first steps or first words and make those moments even more memorable with colorful badges and creative visual effects.

“Kidfolio is a social network designed for parents,” says Alt12 Apps CEO Jennifer Wong. “Social networks today have become so broad; it’s no surprise that we’re seeing an uptick in certain verticals for like-minded groups to connect around specific topics. Kidfolio fits this bill. It’s educational and super fun – a rich, immersive experience that’s highly meaningful for the people using it.”

Kidfolio has six distinguishing features:

— Social Network for Parents. Families can leverage Kidfolio to connect with a broader community of parents to share and compare experiences, exchange advice and offer support.
— Family Groups. Parents can share magical moments with only the people they want, via SMS, email, web and mobile app.
— Digital Scrapbook. From a baby’s first steps to the first day of school, Kidfolio automatically and chronologically organizes the stream of content for families to cherish and share with the people they want.
— Cloud Storage. Photos and videos of your family are instantly stored securely in the cloud and can be accessed from iOS, Android, tablets and the Web.
— Child Development Information. Age and stage information for your child. Daily information provided the first year of baby’s life. Weekly information provided for ages 1-6.
— Keepsakes. Parents can create and send postcards directly from the app. Coming soon is the ability to purchase other personalized keepsakes.

Across its two flagship products, BabyBump and PinkPad, Alt12 Apps is seeing impressive numbers around user engagement, making it one of the leading and most active social health platforms in the world. Highlights include: More than 4.5M total downloads; One million monthly active users, with over 25 percent using the app daily; A collective total of millions of posts per month for BabyBump and PinkPad.

Kidfolio is now available for iPhone and launching soon on Android and the Web.

About Alt12

Alt12 Apps is the leading developer of social health apps. Utilizing Sliprose, a proprietary framework, the company delivers award-winning apps with rich native experiences, an integrated mobile community, compelling content and elegant design. Alt12 launched in 2009 with BabyBump, the first pregnancy social network app and the most popular premium pregnancy mobile app in the world. Alt12 Apps is headquartered in San Francisco, California. For more information, please visit:

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