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App47, a provider of advanced enterprise mobile application management (MAM) services, today announced the completion of its $750,000 second round funding Investors include Valhalla Partners, which previously invested $1 million in first-round funding in January 2011, Clarabridge co-founder and CEO Sid Banerjee, Braun Jones, Thermopylae Science & Technology President Abraham J. ‘AJ’ Clark, as well as additional investment from App47 co-founders, CEO Chris Schroeder and Chairman Sean McDermott

“App47 is an attractive investment because it provides the market with the right mix of MAM capabilities to ensure that organizations can deploy mobile apps easily and have access to intelligence to refine and analyze performance,” Banerjee said. “Both small and large enterprises are moving quickly and App47 offers flexibility and agility to meet both the needs of the enterprise and the expectations of the end user. “That’s right.

App47 provides enterprise mobile app management and intelligence to optimize enterprise mobile app user experience. It provides an integrated, life-cycle view of the business app functionality, from initial implementation to ongoing management to performance improvement-all without compromising the privacy of business data.

App47’s latest MAM Iteration released in April 2012 features key enhancements to LDAP/AD integration, automated distribution of Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and enhanced user interface (UI) that provides a deeper level of mobile app deployment, control and monitoring in a single dashboard.

“The rapid acceleration of mobile applications in the enterprise environment creates a real need for MAM solutions. The company recognizes that, regardless of the type of mobile device, applications must be managed from top to bottom,” Schroeder said. “The solution for our MAM lifecycle is what sets us apart. Customers see tremendous value in a solution that gives them the ability to quickly deploy, manage and analyze their mobile apps from a single vendor. “That’s right.

The funding round follows the recent wins of App472 customers in the public, business, consumer and media sectors These include a Fortune 500 company using the App47’2s MAM platform to gain in-depth user insights needed to optimize user experience and monitor user traffic trends.

Additional clients include Metrocket, which uses App47 to enhance the performance of its iExit app, and ThinkBasis, which is currently deploying, managing and evaluating a new iPad app developed specifically to help sales professionals interact with cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons.

The growth of App472 was further strengthened through partnerships with leading mobile device management (MDM) vendors seeking to add MAM capabilities to their portfolio. Fixmo, a mobile risk management (MRM) provider, is now offering customers an App47€2s MAM service in addition to its own MDM solution through an original equipment manufacturing (OEM) agreement. Fixmo has entered into this partnership because App47 offers both an on-site solution (preferred by government agencies or commercial enterprises that need to protect critical information behind firewalls) and a cloud-based solution. App47 has partnerships with a number of application development firms, such as Three Pillar Global, which uses the App47’2s MAM platform to deploy and analyze test builds before starting production. Once in production, customers can keep App47 embedded to analyze and manage updates for their private apps, as well as add publicly available apps to support their own branded app store.

“At the moment, there is tremendous growth in the MAM market Convergence of custom app stores and analytics means that the enterprise has access to a richer, deeper context and data at its fingertips,” McDermott said. “It’s a very exciting time for App47 as we build on the momentum of our company’s MAM capabilities to deliver an intuitive and comprehensive app management and performance platform. “That’s right.

App47 About
App47 specializes in enterprise mobile application management (MAM) lifecycles, from deployment, through management, performance analysis and ROI, while ensuring business and user privacy, and optimized mobile user experience. App47 offers free versions of its enterprise and developer edition, allowing users to automate mobile application deployment by creating their own self-service enterprise app stores.

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