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SANTA CLARA, California —(BUSINESS WIRE)—-Appcito, a new cloud application infrastructure company, announced today that it has raised $7. $5 million in Series A funding from March Capital Partners, a venture capital firm; Atlas Venture, an early-stage venture capital firm; Fabric, a co-creation company; and an investment union led by Cheng Wu, a long-standing communications technology entrepreneur.

Appcito was founded to simplify and optimize the delivery of cloud applications to organizations of all sizes. It has developed a cloud-based, unified service offered on a subscription basis that empowers application and operating teams to deliver high-performance, highly available, secure and agile applications.

‘Appcito addresses the critical issues facing cloud-based organizations,’ said Kamal Anand, CEO of Appcito. ‘Existing approaches are either not agile enough for the cloud, or require too much of the application teams’ scarce resources. Appcito makes it extremely easy for operating teams to improve the performance, security and end-user experience of cloud applications while providing application owners with an attractive, subscription-based pricing model. ”

‘We’re excited to partner with the Appcito team as they develop innovative ways to address the challenges of cloud application operations,’ said Sumant Mandal, general partner of March Capital Partners. ‘Appcito has a clear vision to dramatically improve a potentially huge market, with an excellent team that has the proven discipline to make it happen. ”

‘As part of the application delivery market for more than 15 years, I appreciate the importance of the market transformation that Appcito is leading,’ said Cheng Wu, a serial entrepreneur in the application infrastructure market who was previously the founder of Arrowpoint, Acopia, Azuki Systems and Arris Networks. ‘Moving to cloud infrastructure and micro-service application development models is the driving force behind this major transformation, and I look forward to partnering with Appcito in this necessary effort. ”

Appcito’s Cloud Application Front-End (CAFE) Offering is a new market category

The market for application services – consisting of application delivery controllers (ADCs), application acceleration and application security products – is projected to be worth more than $6 billion in 2015, according to estimates by various industry analysts. To overcome the limitations of existing appliance-based ADCs within cloud computing infrastructures, Appcito is introducing a cloud-based, service-based approach – embodied in its Cloud Application Front-End (CAFE) service – that picks up where traditional ADCs leave.

‘We are seeing the emergence of application delivery controller capabilities being extended through a cloud-based as-a-service offering. Gartner expects this trend to be of increasing importance as the ADC market evolves to serve application traffic patterns that do not follow traditional hub-and spoke/data-center models,’ according to Gartner, Inc. 2014. , Magic Quadrant for Application Delivery Controller

‘Cloud computing is a revolutionary approach to IT that enables users to choose how to acquire or deliver IT services while eliminating many of the costs and constraints of traditional licensing and delivery models,’ said Atlas Venture Partner Chris Lynch. ‘Appcito makes enterprise applications secure, efficient and highly available in this new cloud computing paradigm. ”

‘Enterprises are currently facing operational headaches, frustrating inefficiencies and high costs when trying to deliver fast, secure cloud applications,’ said Rajan Raghavan, co-founder and CEO of The Fabric. ‘Recognizing the need to overcome these challenges, The Fabric co-created Appcito and continues to work closely with the company. We feel that Appcito is a classic example of the right team coming together at the right time to address the right high-growth market opportunity. ”

The Appcito team has a broad background in the application infrastructure market, including senior positions at F5 Networks (NASDAQ: FFIV), Citrix (NASDAQ: CTXS), Barracuda (NASDAQ: CUDA) and Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO)

Appcito About

Appcito, a cloud application infrastructure company, delivers on the cloud promise by transforming how cloud applications are deployed and operated. Appcito’s cloud-based, subscription-based, easy-to-deploy Cloud Application Front-End (CAFE) service empowers application teams to deliver high-performance, available, secure applications with continuous deployment. By providing more rewarding application experience to end users, CAFE enables application owners to achieve greater business agility, cost savings and competitive advantage. Appcito is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. More information can be found at Well, appcito Com

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