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The round was led by OpenView, an expansion stage venture company, with the participation of its existing investors Sierra Ventures, Magma Venture Partners, iAngels and La Maison. Applitools will use this investment to boost the market expansion of its Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Visual Testing and Monitoring solution by scaling up its R&D, Operations and Sales With tens of thousands of users across more than 300 companies, Applitools Eyes has recently crossed a total of 100 million visual comparisons and 1 billion component level validations. Since its inception in 2013, Applitools has raised more than $46 million.

“Our mission is to help customers automate all visual aspects of application delivery and address the growing importance of providing exceptional digital experience across any device, browser, operating system, and language,” said Gil Sever, CEO of Applitools. “We are excited to partner with OpenView to scale our enterprise-grade platform to support digital transformation with the speed and quality that businesses require. “That’s right.

Applitools has developed the first and only Visual AI Engine that mimics the human eye and brain in a reliable and scalable manner. Applitools Eyes (https://applitools) Com/features), the company’s Automated Visual AI Testing and Monitoring Platform, leverages the world’s largest data set of UI validations and achieves 99. 999 percent accuracy, E: E In a million comparisons, less than 10 false detections The company’s AI engine continues to evolve through machine learning, analyzing millions of new images on a daily basis.

“If there’s a single commonality of the fastest-growing companies, it’s because they understand that their brand is the sum of every experience a customer has with you,” said Bill Macaitis, former CMO at Slack, Zendesk and SVP Marketing at Salesforce. “The need to deliver delicious, incredible digital experiences to millions of customers, 24/7, across devices, browsers, and operating systems can be daunting. Applitools makes it easy to use their Application Visual Management (AVM) approach, which enables automated validation of every aspect of visual user experience. Applitools is a change of the game “That’s right.

“OpenView is thrilled to partner with the Applitools team as they solve one of the few remaining bottlenecks in the continuous delivery process-visual testing,” said Jim Baum, Venture Partner at OpenView, who joins the Applitools board. “Web or mobile applications are the face of their brand for modern companies and Applitools provides a crucial layer of protection. “Jim will bring world-class operational experience to the Board of Directors of Applitools, as Chief Executive Officer of Netezza, to the public company, and later to IBM’s acquisition in 2010 for almost $2B.

To help guide Test Automation Engineers, DevOps Teams, Front End Developers, Manual QA Experts and Digital Transformation Executives, Applitools created Application Visual Management-a new category framework that simplifies and automates all visual aspects of application creation, testing, delivery and monitoring. The goal is to help shorten the delivery cycles of applications and improve the quality of software, because what the customer sees is what matters most. By helping prevent visual flaws from occurring in the application delivery process, teams can avoid issues that often arise from events such as browser and operating system updates, new devices entering the marketplace, and the effects of dynamic content on the web.

Today’s DevOps toolchain only supports the functional aspects of modern application delivery in areas such as testing, monitoring, continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD), accessibility, security, bug tracking, collaboration, source control, and more. AVM uses Visual AI technology to add automated visual validation of all visual aspects of the application delivery to the DevOps tool chain, allowing acceleration and full automation of the entire delivery process. Fortune 100 companies have already realized significant benefits through the use of Visual AI technology and these benefits can now be offered to any Enterprise or SMB. This funding round will be used to expand the offering with new capabilities and to target users across the entire software development, delivery and monitoring tool chain.

To learn more about AVM, download the whitepaper of the Visual Management application for free at: (http://go Application tools Com/AVM—Category—Whitepaper (html)

Applitools About
Applitools is committed to helping Test Automation Engineers, DevOps Teams, Frontend Developers and Digital Transformation Executives release, test and monitor flawless mobile, web, and native apps in a fully automated manner that enables continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI-CD) Founded in 2013, Applitools uses sophisticated AI powered image processing technology to ensure that the application appears correctly and functions correctly on all mobile devices, browsers, operating systems and screen sizes. Applitools has more than 300 customers from all over the world, including Fortune 100 software, banking, online retail, insurance, pharmaceutical, and more. Applitools is based in San Mateo, California, with an R&D center in Tel Aviv, Israel. Please visit the applitools for more information. Come on,

OpenView About
OpenView, an expansion stage venture company, helps build software companies into market leaders. Through its Expansion Platform, OpenView helps companies hire the best talent, acquire and retain the right customers and partners with industry leaders so that they can dominate their markets. Their focus on the expansion stage makes OpenView uniquely suited to provide truly tailored operational support to their portfolio companies. Learn more about OpenView in openview partners Come on,

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