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Appave, Inc. , a leader in mobile/social app performance validation, announced that it has closed its first ever external financing round. It’s $1 05M round led by Staenberg Ventures, the Social Internet Fund and the FundersClub

“The company has been expanding the depth and breadth of our business offerings,” said Kevin Surace, CEO of Appvance. “Unlike free testing tools out there, we are entirely committed to meeting the needs of large customers. The rapid adoption of our platform in Fortune 1000 accounts is a testament to our commitment to the needs of developers, IT and brand managers. This first-ever investment will help us build on our features and further support to meet their needs on a forward-looking basis. “That’s right.

In addition to validating Web, Mobile Web, HTML5, Ajax and RIA applications, Appvance Enterprise builds and runs test suites in a 100% graphical environment for SOAP and REST services for up to millions of concurrent requests. Customers, on their own or alongside Appvance experts, may develop single tests and re-use them for functional, performance and production monitoring. The deep expertise of the company in complex performance bottlenecks makes Appvance Enterprise the platform of choice for companies whose brand depends on user engagement through modern apps.

Appvance is the leader in proof of performance for mobile and social media apps for large companies. Using Appvance software and services, developers, IT managers and brand executives can be confident that their apps will perform even under the stress of major events and campaigns. Appvance Enterprise, with its deep technology roots, is finding app problems other than platforms. The company was founded as PushToTest Inc. in 2012. And the assets of the 10-year-old TestMaker open-source project were acquired In March 2013, PushToTest became an appvance. Headquartered in San Jose, CA, Appvance is a venture-backed company led by a team of experienced tech executives from Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco and Sun. Find out more at http://www Advancement Come on,

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