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Apropose, a software startup developing a web design analytics platform, announced today that $1 has been closed. 875 million seed funding led by New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and Andreessen Horowitz, with additional support from Pat Hanrahan (founder, Tableau) and Nick McKeown (founder, Nicira) The funding will be used to scale up the company’s core infrastructure and engineering team in support of its first product launch this fall.

The purpose of Apropose is to make data an integral part of the design process There are over a billion pages on the web today, yet site design remains a thorny and costly problem: designers find it difficult to justify decisions to clients, clients struggle to articulate esthetic preferences, and businesses have limited resources to evaluate their designs in a meaningful way. Apropose’s core technology consists of a data mining and visualization platform that aggregates and classifies visual, structural and interactive design information across the web.

Apropose’s tools enable large-scale visual page search and provide comprehensive web design analysis. The platform can be used to track evolving design practices, compare site designs within target demographics, and identify and understand prevalent design patterns and page flows.

‘We founded Apropose with the fundamental belief that data can revolutionize design,’ said Jerry Talton, co-founder and CEO of Apropose. ‘Design is an integral part of a company’s online presence and brand, but trends are changing so quickly and space is so large that it’s extremely difficult to navigate. Apropose gives creative trust to users by putting design data at their fingertips, in a way that makes it easy to search, aggregate, and understand. The hardest part of the design process is not building things; it’s trying to figure out what to build. This is where the game is changed by Apropose ”

‘Apropose is set to impact the massive web design market with its visual design mining capabilities and comprehensive API,’ said Greg Papadopoulos, PhD. , NEA Venture Partner ‘Excellent design has become crucial for companies of all sizes and sectors to thrive; Apropose provides real data-driven tools to influence better design. We are thrilled to partner with this talented Stanford Computer Science alum team as they work to maximize the convergence of design and big data. ”

About the proposal

Founded in 2013 by Ranjitha Kumar, Jerry Talton, Maxine Lim, and Arvind Satyanarayan, Apropose spun out of Stanford University’s computer science department from award-winning data-driven design research. Based in Mountain View, CA, Apropose’s core team includes experts in human-computer interaction, graphics and visualization, machine learning, and probabilistic modeling. Visit Propose Com

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