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Aptrinsic, a start-up that allows software companies to personalize their product experience in order to acquire, retain and expand their customers, has announced $7. 2 million Series A financing round co-led by Storm Ventures and Opus Capital

Aptrinsic was founded by Chief Executive Officer Nick Bonfiglio, formerly TEU of Global Product at Marketo’s leading marketing automation company, and Chief Product Officer Mickey Alon, former founder and CEO of Insightera (acquired by Marketo in 2013)

“Your product is your best sales tool and our mission is to help our customers unlock their potential,” said Bonfiglio. “The Aptrinsic platform empowers companies to increase the lifetime value of each customer by using behavioral data to deliver personalized in-product journeys and moments of engagement. This allows companies to transform their software products into a primary customer acquisition channel. “That’s right.

Aptrinsic maximizes the customer’s lifetime value for any SaaS product.

In order to create richer and more personalized product experiences, software companies need to aggregate different types of customer data-not just profile data, but also account and product behavior data. However, this is only the first half of the equation. Companies must also have the in-product capability to make real-time commitments and experiments, especially around “aha!” moments in the product. Without both sides of the equation, SaaS companies are simply flying blind.

Aptrinsic provides SaaS companies with all three of these mission-critical elements: user, account and product behavior data, coupled with the ability to leverage this data into real-time omnichannel commitments and the ability to experiment.

“Leading companies are fundamentally changing the way they think about customer experience and customer engagement,” Alon said. “In the Everything-as-a-Service world, we are seeing more companies switching to a product-led go-to-market strategy that relies on providing early access to the product in the purchase process, and then using customer behavior as the primary driver of customer acquisition, retention and expansion. “That’s right.

“The Aptrinsic leadership team has produced very successful products at Marketo and Insightera. Now, they want to help others build successful products by creating personalized product experiences,” said Tae Hea Nahm, Managing Director of Storm Ventures.

For more information or to request early access to the Aptrinsic platform, please visit www. aptrinsics Come on, To learn more about how to design and implement a product-led go-to-market strategy, please follow our blog at www. Integral point Come on,

On Opus Capital
Opus Capital Ventures was formed by a team with a long history of successful investment and operational experience. Our primary focus is on early stage financing of technology companies Their primary objective is to help committed entrepreneurs build successful companies www www Opus-capital ventures Come on,

About the storm adventures
Storm Ventures is a Silicon Valley-based VC company focused on building business leaders-as a first or early investor. Current business software investments include Algolia, AtScale, Digital Shadows, Engagio, Guidespark, MobileIron, Pipedrive, SourceClear, Swiftstack, and Talkdesk. www www The storms Come on,

On the Aptrinsic
Your product is your best sales tool-we’re helping you unlock your potential Aptrinsic is a personalized product experience platform that helps companies acquire, retain and grow customers by creating real-time, customized commitments driven by product usage. With Aptrinsic, companies can implement an effective product-led go-to-market strategy that will increase product acceptance and the value of the customer’s lifetime. Aptrinsic provides product managers and marketers with tools to make informed choices about what to build next, gather relevant feedback from the right customers, and guide prospects and customers to “aha!” moments. www www aptrinsics Come on,

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