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APX Labs, the manufacturer of Skylight, the leading enterprise smart glass software platform, announced today that it has secured $10 million in Series A venture financing. The investment was led by New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and brings the total investment of APX Labs to $15. 8 million dollars The company also announced the availability of Skylight 2 in general. 0, with powerful new characteristics for the workforce

‘Over the last three years, we have built the most advanced software for wearable technology. This investment will enable us to serve even more customers and to continue developing exciting and emerging applications for smart glasses,” said Brian Ballard, CEO of APX Labs. ‘Smart glasses and augmented reality-enabled workers are no longer relegated to a pie-in-the-sky vision of the future. We now have technology and business partners to bring our technology to the field in a big way. Large organizations are moving forward with powerful deployments, and we haven’t even scratched the surface of what is possible with Skylight in the enterprise. ”

‘Smart glasses will improve productivity and quality at the workplace for millions of people,’ said Peter Barris, NEA Managing Partner. ‘There is no doubt that APX Labs is going to reshape the enterprise software industry for wearable technology. They have a great product and a great team that is hitting their pace as industries begin to see the value of APX Labs. NEA is excited to invest in APX Labs to help fuel their continued success and market leadership. ”

In conjunction with the funding, Mr. Barris and NEA Partner, Dayna Grayson, will join the board of directors of the company

Light 2 of Skylight 0 to the Enterprise

Skylight was created by APX Labs, the most advanced software platform for wearable technology. Skylight provides a gateway to all data, applications and help workers need their jobs, both in real-time and hands-free. Users will see an overlay of information in their field of view with this smart glass software-a game changer for the workplace. Skylight works with multiple types of smart glasses, such as Google Glass and Epson Moverio, and integrates existing enterprise systems, including SAP, Microsoft and others. Large system integrators, such as Deloitte, are applying their industry expertise to Skylight to develop new and powerful use cases.

The skylight two 0 release includes new and enhanced features for the client, server and dashboard. New innovative features include telestation, beacons, radar and more.

Telestration provides users with immediate, contextual and visual feedback from remote supervisors or experts to help them do their homework.
Beacons guide the user to a specific location or object. Beacons appear as a green point at a specific location in the real world Point guidance is provided as a contextual directional arrow
‘Radar’ widget is a media panel instrument that shows the location of points relative to the user. This allows the user to see at a glance where important objects or people may be located.

Skylight is currently being used in a variety of Fortune 500 companies from industries, including: energy, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, media and oil and gas, and new applications are continually being developed to meet the needs of workers. APX Labs estimates that up to 1 in 5 adults worldwide work in jobs where Skylight can provide immediate tangible benefits.

About APX Laboratories:

Since 2010, APX Labs has been a leader in the development of enterprise smart glass software. Visit Apx-Labs: Com

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