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ArcherDX, leader in NGS-based gene fusion detection assays, today announced the closure of a $35 million Series A Preferred funding co-led by Boulder Ventures, Ltd. PBM Capital Group, LLC The Longwood Fund and the Peierls Foundation also participated as new investors in Series A financing. Kyle Lefkoff of Boulder Ventures joined the Board of Directors of ArcherDX.

The capital comes after a year of record company growth and penetration of liquid biopsy, immune sequencing and companion diagnostic (CDx) markets. The company will use the funding to support the rapid commercial growth of its targeted sequencing assays, including the expansion of its domestic sales force, the expansion of its international commercial operations, the expansion of its oncology-focused CDx co-development program and continued investment in its in vitro diagnostic (IVD) pipeline.

Dr. Dr. Jason Myers, CEO and co-founder of ArcherDX, said in a statement, “We have been very successful in developing technology, establishing scalable processes and driving rapid revenue growth. This round of funding, and the addition of Kyle to our board of directors, will help us to carry out our mission of providing the best molecular pathology tools in both research and clinical settings on a global scale. “That’s right.

Kyle Lefkoff of Boulder Ventures said in a statement, “The rapid adoption of ArcherDX’s workflow by leading cancer centers and pharmaceutical companies was impressive. We look forward to supporting Jason and the ArcherDX team in their efforts to improve patients’ lives through improved genetic targeting of new therapies. “That’s right.

About ArcherDX:
ArcherDX addresses bottlenecks associated with the use of NGS in translational research by offering a robust platform for targeted sequencing applications. By combining proprietary Anchored Multiplexed PCR (AMP) chemistry in an easy-to-use, lyophilized format with a powerful bioinformatics platform, ArcherDX technology dramatically improves gene mutation identification and discovery.

ArcherDX is located in Boulder, Colorado.

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Boulder Ventures
Founded in 1995, Boulder Ventures is investing in experienced entrepreneurs and their teams building technology and life science companies in Colorado and the Mid-Atlantic region. The company’s portfolio companies in software, networking, data storage, drug discovery and tools and technology have enabled services to lead their markets through superior management, market vision and differentiated products. Boulder Ventures has embraced this focused approach to successful venture capital investment for more than 15 years, raising venture capital partnerships totalling $360 million in committed capital. Visit the www site Bulderventures Come on,

On the PBM Capital Group
PBM Capital Group, LLC; Is a private investment firm focused primarily on investment in healthcare Led by Paul Manning, a successful entrepreneur, the PBM Capital Group is partnering with outstanding scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs who have developed game-changing technology that can improve and save the lives of millions of people. The goal is to create financially strong companies that will change the way we live our lives through science, innovation and creativity. PBM generates value by applying extensive industry knowledge and contacts, providing superior operational expertise and bringing entrepreneurial spirit to attractive investment opportunities. PBM Capital has invested and helped to grow a number of successful companies, including AveXis, Dova Pharmaceuticals, Enzymatics, Breas Medical, ArcherDX, Firefly Bioworks and Genometry. Visit the www site ppbmcap Com to get more information

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