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ArchiveSocial—a civic-tech startup that provides automated archiving of social media content—is the first company to partner with e. Republic of Ventures Com, a new market accelerator program designed to bring innovative technologies to government

The arrangement provides ArchiveSocial with venture capital and other resources designed to increase the public-sector market share of the company.

‘We solve a problem that affects virtually every social media agency, but most agencies don’t know that we exist,’ said ArchiveSocial founder Anil Chawla. “Working with the e Republic is a game changer, The partnership gives us access to the market and resources that we simply would not have had on our own. ”

ArchiveSocial—recently named to Gartner’s 2014 list of ‘Cool Vendors in Government’—offers a hosted solution that preserves social media content in its original format, time-stamps the data and makes it easily retrievable for compliance with state disclosure laws and the Freedom of Information Act, legal e-discovery and other needs.

The company is a former Code for America Accelerator company and already has a growing list of government clients, including the state of North Carolina; the city of Austin, Texas; and Palm Beach County, Fla.

Growing use of social media in government is triggering widespread record-retention challenges for public agencies. Social media content is subject to public record laws across the United States, creating the need for a cost-effective way to store and retrieve this information.

‘For the past few years, agencies have been struggling to find a practical solution to this important requirement of transparency. We have the right technology at a price point that makes sense to the government,” Chawla said.

The new e launched The Republic Ventures program invests in early stage companies to speed up their entry into the public sector market. In addition to providing venture capital, the program links companies to incubation activities and broader e-resources. Republic of Inc , parent company of government technology, governance and other government-focused media and research properties

‘We looked at dozens of early-stage companies in the field of civic technology—and ArchiveSocial is unique,’ e said. Co-founder and CEO of the Republic, Dennis McKenna ‘This is a solid company with a simple, disruptive solution for governments that is immediately scalable. ”

McKenna said that the Ventures program is continuing e Republic’s long-standing mission to transform government and education through smart, innovative technology

‘Too often, new companies with great solutions to public sector problems do not have the resources, know-how and reach to a real scale,’ said McKenna. ‘We are launching e Republic Ventures to help companies with exciting public sector solutions overcome these hurdles and win over the government market ”

About e- Republic of Ventures:
E: E Republic Ventures provides mentorship and capital to a number of early-stage companies to accelerate their entry into the public sector market. It is linked to the incubation efforts of e Republic Labs by demonstrating and scaling up emerging government and civic technology with combined e-resources Republic, parent company of Government Technology, Government and other media and research properties focused on the state and local government markets

About the Social Archive:
ArchiveSocial enables public entities to use social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn safely and effectively. ArchiveSocial is the industry’s first archiving technology to provide 100% authentic capture of social media in compliance with state and federal record laws such as FOIA. It provides a legal safety net and eliminates the time and effort required to respond to requests for public records ArchiveSocial is fully hosted and requires zero IT deployment. It serves as a cost-effective offering for any large public entity and provides the industry with the easiest and most comprehensive solution for managing social media records. ArchiveSocial was selected for the prestigious Code for America Accelerator in 2013, and was named 2014 Cool Vendor in Government by Gartner, a leading analyst firm. The Social Archive is based in Durham, North Carolina.

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