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AREA360, the creator of an innovative mobile location technology platform, announced today that it has closed $3. Series 5 million Financing round led by Madrona Venture Group The company’s products are designed for large and frequently visited locations such as airports, hospitals and museums, enabling non-technical managers to easily create meaningful experiences based on location data, harness the power of beacons, GPS, WiFi and more. AREA360 products are already being used by more than 400 customers worldwide, including Emirates Airlines, Smithsonian in Washington D. Uh, C Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and the Walt Disney Family Museum of San Francisco.
While most beacon-related systems have been commercialized with a focus on retail marketing, AREA360 has developed a widely applicable and elegant solution for any industry. Building on the company’s rich history of connecting digital content to physical locations via the STQRY app, AREA360’s advanced solutions now enable proximity-based content delivery down to one to three meters, providing the strongest correlation between any beacon/location-aware platform on the market.
‘We started AREA360 to give organizations the ability to enhance their customer experience by providing navigation as well as relevant information and unique opportunities along the way,’ said Chris Smith, founder and CEO of AREA360. ‘Using beacon and other location data, our platform allows customers to create a wide range of useful services. ”
‘For example,’ Smith continued, ‘airports can navigate to and from the gates, along with a stop at the nearest Starbucks; museums can bring this new piece of art to life by presenting an artist-inspired video; and operations managers can track their most valuable assets using real-time data. To date, the response from our customers has been overwhelming and we look forward to continuing to grow our business in the U. Oh, S Internationally and ”
AREA360 focuses on building easy-to-use, agnostic, cloud-based API integration products that connect to existing data ecosystems. One example is the company’s SDK, which gives developers the ability to build the capabilities of AREA360 in any application or service. Seamless integration into any organization’s digital approach adds a very valuable set of data to help improve the organization’s customer experience and operations.
‘Location-aware services provide a delightful customer experience that modern consumers will expect,’ says Paul Goodrich, Managing Director of Madrona Venture Group. ‘Chris and his team have built an advanced platform, which has already reached millions of consumers. We’re excited to support them as they continue to expand their business and bring delightful navigation, content and other services to the next million. ”
AREA360 was established in 2012 and has business and development centers in Wellington, New Zealand and their headquarters in Seattle, Washington, D.C.
Around AREA360
AREA360 is the creator of an innovative mobile location technology platform for large and frequently visited locations such as airports, hospitals and museums that want to enhance the way their customers discover, connect and engage with their surroundings. The platform allows any organization to easily create meaningful experiences based on accurate location data, harness the power of beacons, GPS, WiFi, and more. AREA360 has more than 400 customers, including airlines such as Emirates, airports such as Denver and Seattle-Tacoma International, and museums such as the Smithsonian and Walt Disney Family Museum. AREA360 is headquartered in Seattle Find out more here

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