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Arpeggio Bio, a pre-clinical company whose technology provides a mechanistic understanding of how drugs work, has announced today that it has closed $3. 2 million seed funding round, oversubscribed by more than 2 million dollars Funding will support the ongoing development of an emerging RNA drug screen.

“We’re excited to have the support of our investors so that we can continue our mission of helping patients with epigenetic diseases to develop new therapies,” said Joey Azofeifa, Ph.D. D. D. , Founder and CEO of Arpeggio

Since its inception in 2018, Arpeggio has partnered with over twenty biotech and pharmaceutical companies-including four of the top ten in the world-to discover new insights into their therapeutics. The early market traction and progress of Arpeggio led to the selection of the prestigious Y Combinator (YC) Summer 2019 batch, which provides financing and mentoring to emerging start-ups. After the successful tenure of the program, Dr. Azofeifa’s YC Demo Day pitch attracted distinguished investors to lead the financing round, including Khosla Ventures, FundersClub, Fifty Years, TechU, and YC.

Arpeggio has built an automated system that collects information on which genes turn on or off for hundreds of time points starting in the minutes following drug treatment in preclinical models. Using algorithms originally developed for financial forecasting, Arpeggio reconstructs a drug’s biological network and identifies the genes that are critical to the success or failure of a drug. This new type of data makes it possible to elucidate novel drug and disease mechanisms, to support the development of safer, more effective treatments by understanding drug effects before they are given to patients.

The company platform analyzes its time-series RNA profiles using proprietary machine learning algorithms developed by Dr. Oh, Azofeifa Driven by the success of Arpeggio, Dr. Azofeifa was recently named to the 2020 Forbes 30 Under 30 Healthcare List, recognizing him as one of the country’s top young entrepreneurs.

About Bio Arpeggio

The technology of Arpeggio combines proprietary biological assay and machine learning algorithms, which together enable rapid, high-resolution snapshots of cellular dynamics following drug treatment. These snapshots are then analyzed to reveal the biological networks that determine the function of the drug and guide the therapeutic development of the drug. Go to: www to learn more. Arpeggiobio: Come on,

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