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ARTGlass, which provides augmented reality experiences on smart glasses to cultural and historic sites, has closed $1 today. 3 million angel funding round

Richmond, Virginia-based global enterprise attracted five of the Commonwealth’s largest angels and seed groups: Cavalier Angels (University of Virginia alumni), Central Virginia Angels, Charlottesville Angel Network, Trolley Venture Partners (Richmond Area) and the GAP Funds Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) Prominent business executives have also invested as individuals

The funding will be used to strengthen the proprietary software platform of the company, enhance intellectual property and scale up the deployment of additional iconic historic and cultural sites in North America.

“We are pleased to report that our Angel Round has been oversubscribed and confirms that interest exceeds our current needs,” said ARtGlass CEO and co-founder Greg Werkheiser. “We are thrilled to have gained access to a proven and diverse group of investors with entrepreneurial experience across a wide range of industries. “That’s right.

ARTGlass is the first company in the world to bring usable AR to mainstream tourism in the $28 billion arts and culture sector. More than 750,000 visitors to the iconic museums and archeological sites in Europe enjoyed ARTGlass tours. Earlier this year, the company announced its expansion into North America. Last week, ARTGlass reached another milestone: its public launch at George Washington’s Mount Vernon, where tours are now available to the site’s one million annual visitors. See https://www Prenewswire Com/news-releases/mount-vernon-launches-smartglasses-augmented-reality-tour-300753972 HTML html

“Cavalier Angels is looking for companies with the right leaders at the helm, unique and defensive technology, strong unit economics and a clear strategy for the market,” said Rich Diemer, co-chair of the Cavalier Angels Board of Directors. “The cultural sector is massive and ready for innovation This funding will accelerate the growth of ARTGlass, enabling the company to bring its technology into the mainstream of cultural tourism. “That’s right.

ARtGlass-ARtGlass is the first company in the world to bring wearable AR to mainstream tourism in the arts and cultural institutions. The early success of the company is rooted in its team of leading technologists, substantial specialists in art, archaeology, architecture and landscape, and entrepreneurs experienced in public involvement at historic, museum and cultural sites. ARTGlass co-founders Greg and Marion Werkheiser are also the founders of Cultural Heritage Partners, the world’s leading law, policy and business strategy firm serving the cultural heritage sector. Founding CTO Luigi Percuoco has previously led IT, marketing and business development projects for IBM, IGT, Fiat, SSB and Gtech. Visit the http://artglassus file Com/Com

About the Charlottesville Angel Network (CAN)-CAN is a growing group of almost 70 accredited investors. Its investors – male and female executives, entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers – make their own independent investment decisions on a deal-by-deal basis. They are eager to apply their skills and make their connections and capital work to help entrepreneurs succeed. Since its inception in early 2015, CAN has invested more than $6. 6 million in 35 start-ups, half of which are headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, one quarter in D. Uh, C And other regions of Virginia, and the rest of the U. Oh, S And beyond that, Visit: https://angelnetwork Net: Net

About Cavalier Angels (CAV)-CAV Angels is a non-profit club housing the only angel group specifically catered to alumni at the University of Virginia. The mission of CAV Angels is twofold: first, to provide education on investment in private, early-stage companies to members of the UVA family; second, to facilitate investment by club members in early-stage growth companies founded, owned or managed by members of the UVA family. (ArtGlass CEO Greg Werkheiser is a graduate of the Law School) Visit: https://www: Gospels Com/Com

About Central Virginia Angels (CVA)-CVA Angels is an early-stage angel investment group associated with Startup Virginia (SVA) made up of over 280 accredited investors across central Virginia. Each month, SVA invites two startups to join the CVA Angels. If any investors wish to move forward, SVA will shift from a liaison role to a supporting role, giving start-up direct contact with the investor. To date, CVA Angels has represented more than 60 companies and raised a total of $3. Five million dollars Visit: https://www: Startupvirginia: Org/programs/start-up events/

The GAP Funds Center for Innovative Technology (CIT)-CIT GAP Funds is a family of seed-and early-stage investment funds providing near-equity and equity investments in Virginia-based technology, life sciences and clean-tech companies. CIT GAP Funds invests in companies with a high potential for rapid growth and significant economic returns for entrepreneurs, co-investors and the Commonwealth of Virginia. Visit: https://www: Citing Org/Service-Line/City-Gap-Funds/

About Trolley Ventures-Trolley Ventures is a venture capital fund located in central Virginia. Founded in 2018 and among the first investors in ARtGlass, the fund is looking for seed-stage investment opportunities in high-growth companies. Visit: https://trollyventures Com/Com

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