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Ash Improvement Technology, a technology developer to convert coal combustion residues into a building product, has raised $3 million in venture capital. One investor took part in the offer

Ash Technology Improvement Inc. (AIT) is a technology-driven mineral resource company The company has developed a proprietary process to convert more than 100 million tons of spent coal combustion residues annually in the US and 1 billion tons worldwide into a valuable building product with proven environmental benefits.

AIT’s patent-pending technology, called CleanCem, is applied directly to power plants and eliminates the production of waste ash instead of converting it into a chemically modified product that mimics the behavior of cement. Ash is never created by applying the CleanCem process directly to the power plant. Instead, the material collected is a co-generated cement product. CleanCem overcomes the traditional barriers that have so far hindered the higher utilization of ash in concrete, making the product obtained a cost-effective and abundant substitute for ordinary cement.

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