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Depot Assay Inc , the world’s leading market for scientific services, today announced that it has raised $3 million in Series B funding. The Bootstrap Venture Fund, a venture capital fund specializing in life sciences IT companies, led the round. The funds will be used to drive the continued growth of Assay Depot’s innovative research procurement platform, which has already been used by scientists in more than 100 countries.

‘Assay Depot is fundamentally changing how scientific research is generated and managed,’ said Kyle Williams, General Partner of the Bootstrap Venture Fund. ‘By simplifying access to experts and services, the company is dramatically reducing barriers to scientific innovation and introducing a new, cost-effective approach to research. ”

Often referred to as ‘Amazon’ Com for scientists, Assay Depot is the only online marketplace that allows anyone to source research services quickly, efficiently and at no cost. Assay Depot also hosts a network of private research marketplaces that connects scientists from major pharmaceutical companies with experts from 9,000 global research suppliers (aka CROs) Each private research market serves as an end-to-end Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) system that can be used to capture feedback from scientists through ratings and reviews.

‘Assay Depot uses the power of the Internet to create a new model for scientific research,’ said Kevin Lustig Ph. D. D. , CEO of Assay Depot ‘By making it possible for anyone to order any service on demand, we are enabling all research projects to be carried out without direct access to the laboratory. Scientists can now make and run multiple, complex experiments in parallel. ”

About Depot Assay

Assay Depot is the world’s largest market for scientific services The company operates a network of public and private online markets that makes it easy for scientists to find experts and purchase services in more than 500 research areas. Assay Depot is changing the way science research is done. Visit our free Public Marketplace for more information, read the Assay Depot Blog or follow us on Twitter @assaydepot.

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