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Inc, Astute Networks , a leading provider of Networked Performance Flash solutions to accelerate virtualized server, desktop, and cloud computing environments, today announced that it has closed funding in an over-subscribed $12 million Series B funding round led by Samsung Venture Investment Corporation (SVIC), the investment arm of Samsung Group, the world’s leading provider of NAND Flash memory

Current investors Tallwood Venture Capital and Narra Venture Capital also contributed to the round, with the participation of new investors Ayala Capital, ICCP Venture Partners and TIFF (Foundation Investment Fund) Astute will use the funding to further expand global sales, marketing, channel development and support efforts, as well as ongoing innovation of its patented DataPump EngineTM, Networked Performance Flash, and related technologies found exclusively in the company’s ViSX family of 100% flash-optimized appliances.

According to IDC, 2011 was a record year for the global Solid State Disk (SSD) market, rising 105% over 2010 to $5 billion. The firm forecasts strong growth through 2015 with the increasing use of SSDs, a trend that the research company expects to continue as prices fall and performance increases. Led by veteran storage networking and CEO Steve Topper, Astute Networks is well positioned to capitalize on a burgeoning SSD marketing opportunity. The company has all the ingredients for success, including a white-hot market opportunity, a next-generation Flash architecture that leaps on traditional SSD offerings, and a strong customer and channel ecosystem that is unmatched in the industry.
Astute Networks Breaks the Performance Barrier with a New Age of Performance Acceleration Flash Solutions

Astute Networks’ patented DataPump EngineTM and Networked Performance FlashTM architecture has been designed from day one to deliver tightly blended, high-performance, low-power solutions that significantly accelerate virtual machine performance and application performance on major virtualization platforms including VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, and Red Hat RHEV. By complementing existing SAN or NAS infrastructures with a seamlessly additive, highly optimized flash-based data store tier, ViSX satisfies the performance requirements of today’s mission and business-critical applications such as virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), cloud computing and Big Data. Network-based, ViSX efficiently delivers 100,000 IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second) with 100% random I/O performance, which is shared by all virtual machines on all hosts over standard 10G or 1G Ethernet networks – all in cost-effective, small footprint, multi-terabyte, and easy-to-deploy rack mounting devices.

ViSX allows virtualized organizations to:

“Permissible Eliminate I/O bottlenecks-“funnel effect”-usually experienced with server virtualization.
â â â â â â â â Eliminate the cost of over-supplying traditional storage in order to achieve higher IOPS
â â â â â Virtualize more Tier One applications with confidence in sustained performance
‘Approximately lower CapEx and OpEx and achieve fast ROI with superior TCO.

“The flash memory and virtualization expertise of the Astute Networks team, together with a deep understanding of storage and networking as demonstrated by their patented DataPump Engine, puts them in an excellent position to deliver highly differentiated and competitive solutions for virtualized environments,” said Dr. Dong-Su Kim, Senior Director of Samsung Venture Investment Corp. “Samsung Ventures is excited to lead this latest round of company funding. “That’s right.

“We recognize the strategic importance of enterprise and cloud virtualization and storage, as well as new growth opportunities in big data and the need for predictable performance with capacity and scalability. The patented technology of Astute Networks is highly effective and we believe that the company will continue to disrupt the market,” said George Pavlov, Managing Partner of Tallwood Venture Capital.
Since the launch of ViSX, Astute Networks has won a number of awards and awards, including the 2011 Flash Memory Summit Best of Show Award for Most Innovative Flash Memory Customer Implementation and Forbes. Com article titled VMware Stock Ready to Race to $111 highlighting ViSX’s ability to address virtualization performance issues and to further drive the adoption of VMware virtualization services (http://www) Forbes: Forbes Com/sites/graatspeculations/2011/08/23/vmware-stock-ready-to-race-to-111/)

“Our first ViSX G3 deployment gave us a 1.500 percent boost in performance on critical business applications compared to our existing virtualized SAN,” said Walt Thinfen, Visioneer’s CIO. “Now business productivity and efficiency are on the rise and our employees can access business-critical databases and applications such as SAP, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft SharePoint more quickly than ever before!”

“The Samsung Ventures leading this funding round is a very welcome endorsement of our patented DataPump EngineTM and Networked Performance FlashTM intellectual property,” said Steve Topper, CEO of Astute Networks. “It puts fuel in the engine, enabling us to fully support our growing family of channel partners and end-customers, expand our technical capabilities, and aggressively expand our market reach and footprint worldwide. “That’s right.
@Astute Networks receives $12 million in Series B financing.
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About the Astute Network

Inc, Astute Networks Developer of VMware Ready Certified ViSXTM Networked Performance FlashTM solutions for speeding up virtualized server, desktop and cloud computing environments. The company’s patented DataPump EngineTM delivers a high level of best-in-class iSCSI IOPS with 100% sustained random I/O performance to eliminate performance I/O bottlenecks that degrade virtual machine and application performance and reduce user productivity. ViSX is available through a network of service providers. Visit Astuteetworks www or com Oh, visxg3 Come on,

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