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Ateios (pronounced ‘Ah-TAY-ohs’) developed the world’s first flexible, paper-thin customizable battery. Today, they announced the closing and oversubscribing of $1. 25 million Series Financing round, led by the early-stage venture capital firm Good Growth Capital

The funding round will soon be on the heels of Ateios receiving Phase I SBIR funding from the National Science Foundation and graduating from the Techstars-powered Accelerator Heritage Group. Additional investors include Keshif Ventures, Techstars Ventures, Elevate Ventures, HG Ventures, Impact Assets, VisionTech Angels, and a number of high-value angels, providing analytics, manufacturing and advanced materials experience.

Ateios is developing a new process to reshape batteries through rapid, customized production. The manufacturing process of the battery industry has remained relatively unchanged over the last 40 years, affecting applications such as Digital Health and the Internet of Things (IoT) This project will develop a new platform for the production of batteries using the healing-on-command technology, which will accelerate the process of healing of components from hours to seconds. Cure-on-command technology will deliver multiple benefits to battery production by eliminating unnecessary processing steps, such as cost savings, 3x capital savings, and environmental friendliness.

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