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Atia Doctor, Inc. , the stealth mode portfolio of the medical technology incubator company, Shifamed, LLC , announced today that it raised $3M in the first tranche of its $5M in Series B funding The investment was made entirely by Medvance Incubator Partners, LLP, an early-stage medtech venture fund formed by Shifamed and Delos Capital. ‘We are grateful for the support of Medvance Incubator Partners so that we can remain focused on product development,’ said Mariam Maghribi, CEO of Atia Medical.

About Atia Medical’s

Atia Medical is a privately owned medical device company formed by Shifamed LLC, a Silicon Valley-based medical device incubator.

About LLC Shifamed

Shifamed LLC is a privately owned medical technology incubator focused on developing new medical products from concept to commercial release. Shifamed portfolio companies include Apama Medical, Kalila Medical, Atia Medical and a number of Stealth Fashion companies. Please visit www to learn more about Shifamed. Shaifamed Come on,

About Medvance Incubator Partner LLP

Medvance Incubator Partners LLP is an early stage venture fund created through the partnership of Shifamed LLC and Delos Capital, an Asian healthcare venture capital fund that seeks to pursue attractive investment opportunities in Asia and the U. Oh, S The Medvance Fund was established to invest predominantly in Shifamed portfolio companies.

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