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Atmosphere (www) Atmospheric TV, a global leader in streaming TV for businesses-known for its content channel network (including CHIVE TV)-has announced today a new $5M investment from Valor Siren Ventures I L. P: P (SVV) VSV, launched in 2019, partners with founders and invests in early-stage food, food technology and retail technology companies (www). Valuep Com/value-siren-ventures-vsv) Current investors, including Austin-based S3 Ventures (www) 3vc Com), also participated in the funding, closing the Series A round at $14M.

Atmosphere’s free ad-supported platform offers 21 optional audio channels such as CHIVE TV, Red Bull TV, X Games TV, America’s Funniest Videos TV, and Quick Take by Bloomberg. Atmosphere is currently streaming on TV in over 8,000 restaurants, bars, gyms and other venues-playing a total of over 135k hours a day. The network has grown to 2 5x since the beginning of 2019 and currently adds approximately 800 new venues per month. In addition to content, locations can run custom promotions on their TVs to encourage customer engagement and behavior.

“Tv programming for business is broken and expensive,” said Leo Resig, co-founder and CEO of Atmosphere. “We boldly define the TV-for-business streaming category By designing streaming content and features for retail businesses, Atmosphere meets the needs of two underserved markets: businesses looking for free, audio-optional TV programming, and advertisers who have never been able to effectively purchase television media to reach a targeted out-of-home audience. “That’s right.

While there is heated competition between media powerhouses such as Disney, HBO, Hulu, NBC, Apple to expand streaming TV for in-home viewing, no one has addressed TV programming optimized for out-of-home viewing. In recent months, ViacomCBS, Fox and Comcast have acquired free ad-supported streaming platforms Pluto, Tubi and Xumo to diversify offerings beyond video-on-demand subscription and traditional pay TV. Atmosphere provides the only multi-channel streaming platform that is free and licensed for commercial use.

Atmosphere monetizes the premium version of its platform through branded advertisements and subscription fees. Brands can reach highly targeted audiences on the Atmosphere Platform, particularly younger demographics, which are much more difficult to reach through traditional advertising media. According to Nielsen, a typical four-week ad campaign generates 69 million impressions. Atmosphere has spent the last year promoting its advertising offering, which includes granular targeting of audience segments, attribution and re-targeting.

“Atmosphere combines the best of traditional TV and digital advertising. No other advertising medium can deliver dedicated audiences, mass reach, accurate targeting and industry-leading ROIs to big screen TVs,” said Atmosphere Co-founder and President John Resig. “This is the most efficient way for brands to reach millions of consumers in their daily lives. “That’s right.

“There are screens in retail establishments all over the world with significant content opportunities,” said Valor Siren Ventures Partner and Fund Manager Jon Shulkin, who will join the Board as part of the financing process. “Atmosphere helps retailers take control of their brand-safe content screens that are superior to current cable TV programming options, all of which are designed for in-home audio viewing. We’re thrilled to partner with Leo, John, and the Atmosphere Team. “That’s right.

On the Atmosphere
Atmosphere is the world leader in streaming TV for business, offering 21 original and partner TV channels. The platform has been built from the ground up with proprietary content, technology and data to deliver unparalleled experience to businesses, consumers and advertisers. The platform also provides a digital signage feature for businesses to take advantage of their home content promotions. The company was incubated within the Chive Media Group and spun out in 2019. Visit www for more information. Atmospheric Television

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