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Attachments for Me, a provider of software to better manage email attachments, today announced the closing of a $2 million Series A investment by Foundry Group. This investment round brings the company’s total funding to $2 to date. $5 million

Benjamin Coe and Jesse Miller set up the company in 2011. Initially, the product simply brought a better search for attachments to Gmail Now, through partnerships with cloud storage solutions like Dropbox and Box, Attachments Me lets its users set up rules to automatically organize and upload their attachments. These rules can save individuals and businesses an incredible amount of time by manually organizing individual emails.

“Cloud storage is becoming the norm in most businesses, but the only thing missing is email integration,” said Jason Mendelson, Managing Director of Foundry Group. “Attachments” I’m working on changing this by creating intuitive tools that integrate email with cloud solutions. The technology they built with their seed round was impressive, and we’re excited to get involved as they grow. “That’s right.

“This investment will allow us to accelerate development so that we can

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