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Attendware Corporation announced today that it has raised a $1M Series A funding round. 406 Aventures Attendware is the fastest growing event and auto name tag printing software. Cash infusion will enable Attendware to expand its technology and sales ranks and accelerate the deployment of its rapidly growing event management software on-site.

Attendware is used to create premium experience for guests at events run by membership-driven organizations such as universities and non-profit institutions. The software enables event organizers to easily capture attendance data and report key metrics to measure event success. Attendware also automates many painful and time-consuming aspects of events, such as name tags, by leveraging on-the-spot, sub-second custom name tag printing.

The product was born at Northeastern University, where co-founder Greg Skloot headed one of the largest student organizations in the university, the Entrepreneurs Club. “We had weekly events with 150+ attendees and we had no clue who our members were,” Skloot said. “I built the initial Attendware prototype because of the pain I experienced as an event organizer and leader of a membership-driven organization. “That’s right.

Since then, the adoption of Attendware has skyrocketed Attendware checked in and auto-printed name tags for tens of thousands of event attendees. Northeastern University has since become one of Attendware’s largest clients. “We are extremely impressed by Attendware It saved us countless hours of prep work and provided the extra high-tech touch that we’re striving for when we put on premium events for our alumni and the university community,” said Brian Loutitt, Senior Director of Events at Northeastern University.

Founded in the year 2006, 406 Ventures is a venture capital firm focused on investing in innovative market-based growth technology and services companies that are built by the finest entrepreneurs. 406 focuses primarily on early stage IT and service companies in sectors where partners have unique domain expertise, successful track record and established IT Security networks; HealthIT, Big Data, Cloud and Internet Infrastructure; and Digital Media Infrastructure;

María Cirino, Managing Director, 406 Ventures added, “The Attendware offer represents the next generation of event and component tracking technology. There is a huge market for this technology, and we continue to be blown away by the reception it receives in almost every market we enter. We are excited-both about the innovative product and the ambitious entrepreneurs behind it. “That’s right.

About Assistware

Attendware is the fastest growing event and auto name tag printing software. Event professionals across higher education, non-profits and a variety of other sectors leverage Attendware to impress guests, reduce the timeframe for their events and gather data to validate event effectiveness and optimize future events. Attendware’s on-site event management software turns any laptop or tablet into a check-in kiosk for attendance, auto-generates name tags, sends text alerts for VIP arrivals, and manages real-time attendee data. Find out more at http://www Attentionware Come on,

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