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Expex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Announced today that it raised $25 million in Series D venture financing under Panorama Capital Existing investors Thomas, McNerney & Partners, CMEA Capital and Sloan Biotech Fund also participated in the round.

Auspex will use the funds to advance the development of its drug molecule portfolio, in particular the phase 3 development of its lead molecule, SD-809, expected to begin in the first half of 2013. Auspex is developing SD-809 for the treatment of hyperkinetic movement disorders, including Huntington’s disease, Tourette’s syndrome, and late dyskinesia.

“This new funding provides resources for the pivotal trial of SD-809 in Huntington’s Disease and for accelerating the development of this compound in additional movement disorders,” Lawrence C said. Fritz, Ph.D. D. D. , Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Auspex “We are very pleased that Panorama Capital, with its deep experience and outstanding track record in the biopharmaceutical industry, has decided to join us in this important work. “That’s right.

In conjunction with the financing of Series D, Gaurav Aggarwal, M D. D. , Partner with Panorama Capital, has joined the Board of Directors of Auspex

“We are pleased to support Auspex’s experienced development team and to work with the Company to bring promising and much-needed therapy to the market for Huntington’s disease and other serious movement disorders,” said Dr. Aggarwal’s

About the pharmaceuticals of Auspex

Auspex Pharmaceuticals is a privately held biopharmaceutical company based in La Jolla, California. The company is a pioneer in the use of deuterium in medicinal chemistry and focuses on the treatment of hyperkinetic movement disorders, including Huntington’s disease, Tourette syndrome and late dyskinesia. Its lead compound, SD-809, is a novel vesicular monoamine transporter 2 inhibitor (VMAT-2) This drug offers significant advantages over existing therapies, including improved safety, reduced drug-drug interactions and less frequent dosing. Auspex is also using its Deuterium Chemistry approach to optimizing drugs in a number of additional therapeutic areas. The portfolio of Auspex includes SD-900, a JAK kinase inhibitor for the treatment of autoimmune diseases, and SD-560, for the treatment of fibrotic diseases, as well as other compounds. For more information on Auspex, please visit the company website at http://www. Auspexpharma: Come on,

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