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AvePoint, a leader in enterprise-class Big Data Management, Governance and Compliance Software Solutions for Next Generation Social Collaboration Platforms, today announced that it has raised $90 million from Goldman Sachs as a minority investor. This investment will contribute to AvePoint’s continued global expansion and product development as it moves from providing infrastructure management solutions for SharePoint to offering cloud services, compliance, data governance and mobility solutions that help bring together a growing number of disparate collaboration systems and data repositories to enable enterprise collaboration with Conf. RBC Capital Markets acted as an exclusive investment agent for this financing

‘Since we opened our doors for the first time in 2001, we have invested heavily in every aspect of our business as we strive to deliver the best solutions to address today’s disruptive technology trends,’ said Dr. Tianyi (TJ) Jiang, Co-CEO and AvePoint Co-Founder ‘With the support of Goldman Sachs, we are confident that we will continue to expand our market presence on a global scale with access to some of the best resources and guidance needed to take AvePoint to the next level. ”

Investment follows a year in which AvePoint continues to receive market validation through awards and awards, while committed to provide a complete story to enable enterprise collaboration that extends to infrastructure management.

Cloud Services: With the release of AvePoint Online Services, a fully Windows Azure-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) management platform for Microsoft Office 365 and any cloud-based SharePoint environment, businesses now have a central home for business users, decision makers and IT administrators to seamlessly access resources and expand cloud computing as their needs dictate. As of publication, AvePoint is already supporting approximately 1,000,000 Office 365 production users, even before launching its data governance and compliance solutions SaaS later this spring.

Compliance: AvePoint Compliance Guardian is an enterprise-wide governance, risk and compliance platform that mitigates privacy, security and compliance risks through a comprehensive risk management process that allows organizations to document, implement and measure policies and demonstrate compliance. AvePoint has also joined forces with the International Association of Privacy Professionals to launch a community-based solution, the AvePoint Privacy Impact Assessment System, which helps organizations understand and automate the process of evaluating, evaluating and reporting on the privacy implications of their enterprise IT systems.

Data Governance: With the release of DocAve Governance Automation, organizations can provide content and collaboration platforms as a service to business users by automating the way in which configurable services are requested, delivered and reported. This IT-as-a-service offering includes content management, life-cycle management, and permissions/security management, as well as computing and storage provisioning.

Mobility: With the release of AvePoint Perimeter, AvePoint completes the story by enabling business collaboration where you work and how you work. As mobile devices and the need for remote access to content and collaboration platforms become vital for productivity, AvePoint provides enterprise mobility as a service to the workforce with support for mobile content management, remote access with geofencing, secure file sharing with time leasing, virtual viewing, and centralized access controls.

‘We have chosen to invest in AvePoint because of its strong management team, its track record of success and its proactive development of solutions to meet the future needs of global companies,’ said David Campbell, Managing Director of Goldman Sachs’ Merchant Banking Division. ‘AvePoint’s new cloud-based product sets, compliance, data governance, and mobility differentiate the company from companies seeking a comprehensive enterprise collaboration solution that increases productivity, reduces risk, and lowers costs. ”

AvePoint previously raised funding in 2006 from Summit Partners, a leading global growth equity investor with almost $15 billion of capital under management. Summit Partners is still a minority investor in AvePoint

AvePoint About

AvePoint is a well-established leader in enterprise-class Big Data Management, Governance and Compliance Software solutions for next-generation social collaboration platforms. Focusing on helping businesses on their digitization journey to enable their information workers to collaborate confidently, AvePoint is the first to market a unique solution that centralizes access and control of information assets based on disparate collaboration and document management systems both on-site and in the cloud. AvePoint solutions and services aim to bring together business, IT, compliance and risk officers to serve key business objectives such as big data, cloud integration, compliance, enterprise content management, and mobile data access monitoring. Founded in 2001 and based in Jersey City, NJ, AvePoint serves more than 13,000 organizations across five continents, focusing on energy and utilities practices; financial services; healthcare and pharmaceuticals; and the public sector.

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