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Avi Networks, Cloud Application Delivery Company, today announced the general availability of the industry’s first Cloud Application Delivery Platform (CADP) based on its Hyperscale Distributed Resources Architecture (HYDRATM) platform. Avi Networks provides enterprise customers with the benefits of a hyper-scale approach to application delivery, for any infrastructure, at any scale, on-site and cloud-based applications. Founded by veteran networking industry and backed by top-tier investors, Avi Networks has raised $33 million in funding and has a number of Fortune 500 production and pilot customers.

ADC’s $4 billion and network monitoring markets are under major transitions. As applications move to cloud-based infrastructures and mobile endpoints become dominant, it is becoming increasingly difficult to guarantee the experience of end-user applications. Large cloud service providers such as Amazon, Facebook and Google have abandoned the expensive fleet of proprietary ADC appliances from incumbent vendors. Instead, these web giants have internally developed analytics-driven, scale-out layers of software-defined infrastructure services that enable them to deliver hyperscale applications to commodity hardware efficiently and reliably. However, most companies do not have the luxury of investing in engineering resources to develop software for new application delivery architectures internally.

‘Application traffic flows have become less deterministic, and infrastructure architects can no longer rely solely on centralized appliances to provide the necessary application and security services. New deployment models are emerging to help businesses with this transition,” Gartner said in a recent research report*, The Future of Application Delivery Is (Partly) Cloudy, published by Joe Skorupa and Mark Fabbi on October 31, 2014.

‘In today’s mobile cloud era, the traditional appliance-centric, monolithic app delivery approach is no longer working,’ said Umesh Mahajan, founder and CEO of Avi Networks. ‘Inspired by the proven architectural approach of hyperscale cloud service providers, we have developed the Avi Networks Cloud Application Delivery Platform to enable enterprise customers to accelerate their cloud travel while maximizing their end-user application experience. ”

Delivery of applications at hyperscale and at any scale

In addition to the basic functions of ADC, the hyperscale approach to the delivery of applications must have the following five virtues:

Agility through programmability, self-service and on-demand elasticity
Analytics and insights into any real-time and historic user-to-application transaction.
Adaptive to user-demand or application scale changes, automatically
Mobile-access optimization—from a performance, scale and security perspective.
Multi-cloud support for on-site, private and public cloud deployments

Earlier this year, several web giants lifted the scope for internal projects with a hyperscale design pattern: Google exposed the virtues of combining centralized control with distributed data in its Andromeda network services stack**, and Facebook discussed feedback-based load balancing in its AutoScale system. *** Uh,

Similarly, a revolutionary architecture called Hyperscale Distributed Resources Architecture-HYDRATM is at the heart of Avi Networks CADP. Based on the principles of SDN, HYDRA separates the data plane from the control plane—the industry first for Application Delivery Controllers and Load Balancers. HYDRA is built on the following core capabilities:

Distributed MicroservicesTM: Application delivery services (load balancing, SSL termination) are performed using high performance Avi Service Engines. Multiple services can be used for application traffic in a single efficient ‘pass’ through the Service Engine Avi Service Engines can be co-located with applications in and across cloud locations and grouped together for higher performance. Integrated data collectors gather end-to-end timing information, metrics and logs for each user-to-application transaction.

Inline AnalyticsTM: Data collected by integrated data collectors is first streamlined by smart reduction functions applied to the source. Next, the reduced data streams of useful observations are transferred to the Avi controller cluster, where further analysis is carried out to enable real-time, highly granular insights into application health, end-user experience tracking, as well as anomaly detection.

Closed-Loop Application DeliveryTM: Inline Analytics and Distributed Microservices are closely interwoven, resulting in the industry’s only closed loop application delivery solution. Distributed Microservices continuously, automatically adjusts the performance, placement and capacity of application delivery services on the basis of end-user insights and application insights derived from the Inline Analytics complex.

Overview of the company

Avi Networks was founded in 2012 by an experienced team of executives and innovators responsible for Cisco’s annualized revenue of $2 billion and has produced products that currently operate in 80% of data centers worldwide.

The company raised $33 million in funding, led by Greylock Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners and Menlo Ventures. These partners bring experience in the construction of disruptive, multi-billion dollar companies, with early-stage investments in related companies including F5, Imperva, Nicira, Palo Alto Networks and Riverbed.

Avi Networks CADP integrates seamlessly with VMware, Openstack and Cisco’s ACI fabric environments. The company currently has key partnerships with Chef, Cisco, Intel, Mirantis, Puppet Labs, Red Hat and VMware, among others.

Avi Networks customers and pilots are the top two U Oh, S Telco, the top five of U Oh, S Financial services company, the top three Oh, S Retailer, the top five global bank, and Hitachi America, Ltd.

Supplying quotes

In the new era of mobile cloud, there is a universal need for IT to respond in real time to changing business and customer needs,” said Soni Jiandani, Senior Vice President at Cisco. ‘With Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) as your foundation, you can create a cloud environment that builds, operates and scales quickly. By adopting a DevOps approach, Cisco’s ACI and Avi Networks Cloud Application Delivery Platform accelerate application deployment time. Now, our customers can ensure application resilience and superior end-user experience within and across clouds. ”

‘As we develop software-based services for our virtualized data center and cloud environments, Avi Networks has helped us reduce operational complexity by providing an integrated application delivery and analytics solution. With Avi Networks’ solution, we can improve the availability of applications and reduce troubleshooting times for our business-critical applications. ‘-Girish Mhatre, Senior Director of Hitachi America, Ltd.

‘Cloud computing has brought significant disruption and innovation to the networking industry. As businesses make their cloud journey by adopting a hybrid cloud to support evolving application workloads, they inevitably realize that traditional network infrastructure is not capable of meeting new requirements. In the field of application delivery controllers (ADCs), Avi Networks seeks to recast the ADC in a cloud context, with a software-based approach that places a strong emphasis on elasticity, automation, analytics and visibility. ‘-Brad Casemore, Director of Data Center Network Research at IDC

‘Application resilience and real-time visibility are key requirements for running business-critical applications in the OpenStack cloud. Avi Networks and Mirantis are working together to integrate elastic application delivery and powerful application analytics in OpenStack and accelerate OpenStack adoption in enterprise production environments. ‘-Boris Renski, co-founder of Mirantis, CMO and member of the OpenStack Foundation Board

About the networks of Avi
Avi Networks is a cloud application company The Avi Networks Cloud Application Delivery Platform (CADP) brings the benefits of hyperscale application to companies at any scale. With a unique analytics-driven and distributed application delivery architecture-HYDRATM, the Avi Networks solution guarantees end-user experience in on-site and cloud-based applications. The company’s founding team has previously delivered products that currently operate in more than 80% of the world’s data centers. Avi Networks is supported by Greylock Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners and Menlo Ventures. Visit us at http://www Avinetworks: Come or follow us on Twitter @avinetworks

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