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Inc, Avinger Producer of therapeutic devices incorporating intravascular imaging and pioneer of the lumivascular approach to the treatment of vascular disease, today announced the closing of a significant funding round. Both new and existing investors have participated in the financing of

‘We are very pleased with the outcome of this recent capital increase to support what we expect to be a very successful clinical trial of Pantheris, the first ever peripheral athectomy catheter that also incorporates intravascular imaging technology using Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT),’ said Kenneth Novack, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Avinger. ‘We are increasingly confident that the Avinger Lumivascular Platform is well positioned to radically change the treatment of vascular disease. ”

‘This funding is another important milestone for Avinger and brings us a step closer to my life-long dream of providing practitioners with the first-ever image-guided atherectomy device to help millions of patients suffering from PAD’ John B, John B Simpson, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Avinger

In conjunction with funding, Avinger has added three individuals to its Board of Directors. They’re: Mr. James Muzzy, PIMCO co-founder, Mr. John Delfino, President of Concorde Capital (Private Investment Management Company) and Mr. Donald A’s Lucas, founder of the group Lucas Venture Mr.’s combined experience in strategic management Muzzy, sir. Mr. and Delfino Lucas will provide the already robust Avinger Board with immediate and effective additional expertise.

Avinger’s global product portfolio has helped physicians treat more than 15,000 patients with PAD. Often dismissed as normal signs of aging, symptoms of PAD include painful cramping, numbness, or discoloration of the legs or legs. Hospitalization costs alone are estimated to exceed $21 billion annually, largely due to late detection and lower quality of life for patients with invasive bypass surgery or amputation. Visit http://savinger to learn more about PAD. Comp/Patients

Founded in 2007 by renowned cardiologist and medical device contractor Dr. John B, John B Simpson, Avinger seeks to radically change the treatment of vascular disease by developing new technologies and a new approach called lumivascular (lumi = light, vascular = artery) Lumivascular procedures use an interventional catheter system that incorporates light-based, radiation-free, intravascular imaging technology into the actual therapeutic device. This provides live, real-time, video imagery of the inside of the artery during treatment, offering a variety of benefits to patients, physicians and hospitals. Ocelot, the first line of lumivascular technology devices, has been commercially available since late 2012. This system is used to open completely occluded arteries in the legs. Avinger’s lumivascular atherectomy system, Pantheris, has received CE Mark approval for the removal of plaque from arteries affected by PAD and expects to begin enrolment in the near future in its VISION U trial. Oh, S

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