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Avive Solutions has announced that it has raised an additional $7 million, bringing the total amount raised to more than $15 million since the company’s inception in 2017. Focused on addressing the global public health issue of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), Avive is a leading developer of the next-generation Automated External Defibrillator (AED) coupled with the first of its kind of hospital cardiac arrest response platform.

This round was led by a new investor, the Laerdal Million Lives Fund, with the participation of Kenko Venture Partners, Irish Angels, and a number of well-known medical device executives and health leaders from current and past companies such as ResMed, Hill-Rom, Evalve and Northwestern Health. While Avive is in the midst of the FDA review cycle, funding from this round will be used to allow the Company to begin preparing for commercial launch upon FDA approval. In addition, the funds will accelerate the company’s development of its platform solution and integration into the emergency response ecosystem to revolutionize hospital cardiac arrest response.

Avive was founded with the aim of significantly increasing the low survival rate of SCA, which is sudden death due to an abnormality in the electrical system of the heart (national average survival rates are <10% and have not increased appreciably for more than two decades). SCA accounts for more than 350,000 hospital deaths per year in the U. Oh, S It is the leading cause of death for people over the age of 40, and the leading cause of death for student athletes. While Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) can help "buy time," a person in SCA must ultimately receive a high energy defibrillation shock from an AED to survive. Immediate treatment is crucial, as every minute a person goes without a defibrillation shock reduces their chances of survival by 7-10%. Despite their best efforts, the average response time of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in the U is currently underway. Oh, S Is 8-12 minutes, making immediate access to the AED and using the device critical to the survival of a person in the SCA. "In the last two decades, despite the AED industry deploying millions of units across the U Oh, S , there has been no significant increase in SCA survival rates across the country," said Sameer Jafri, Co-Founder & President of Avive Solutions, Inc. "For more than 20 years, the industry's approach to the status quo in addressing this major problem has been to deploy more and more hardware with modest incremental features, without addressing the real problem that prevents tens of thousands of additional lives from being saved each year-which is simply getting AEDs where they are needed, when they are needed. "That's right. Avive is taking a fresh approach to addressing this decades-old problem by bringing the most advanced-and most affordable-AED technology to market, coupled with a first-of-its-kind platform solution designed to integrate with the existing emergency response ecosystem to enable faster and more effective response. The Company believes that this unique combination of advanced, yet still accessible, hardware deployment and new software has the potential to revolutionize hospital cardiac arrest response and have a massive impact on SCA survival rates. "By bringing data-driven connectivity in the form of an integrated software and device platform, we believe that Avive can play a meaningful role in cardiac arrest across the Survival Chain," said Jeff Trost, Managing Partner of the Laerdal Million Lives Fund. "By building a superior AED that includes features that create accessible CPR training, and developing a new system to improve rapid defibrillation, while also creating a data link to professional first responders, we are thrilled by Avive's life-saving technology and opportunity, and we are passionate about helping them bring their product to millions of SCA patients. "That's right. "We are excited to welcome such a strong group of new healthcare-focused investors to the Avive team-including the Laerdal Million Lives Fund, which brings decades of experience to the forefront of the resuscitation market through its affiliation with Laerdal (a global leader in medical education, training and resuscitation)," said Rory Beyer, Co-Founder & CEO of Avive Solutions, I. "Since our inception, we have focused on challenging the status quo of the AED industry, which has not gone far enough to develop holistic solutions to increase cardiac arrest survival rates. Continued alignment and commitment between our investors, our team and our partners drives our strategic development forward and allows us to focus on carrying out our mission as we build a much-needed new paradigm for cardiac arrest response. "That's right. Avive Solutions, Inc. Inc, Avive Solutions San Francisco-based private healthcare technology company is developing a next-generation automated external defibrillator alongside its first platform solution to revolutionize cardiac arrest response in an effort to significantly increase the survival rate of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Please note that this piece of work originally appeared in English at As Investocracy aims to bring global startup news and updates in both English and Japanese to you, it's important that we attribute original source to you. If you have any questions/concerns please write to us at

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