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Avicia, Inc. , a leading provider of state-of-the-art telemedicine solutions, today announced the closing of an equity financing round led by NextGen Angels along with Blu Venture Investors and Middleland Capital. The new funding will continue to be used to fuel the rapidly growing telemedicine company. With this funding round, Avizia welcomes Edward Kennedy, CEO and President of Tollgrade Communications, to its Board of Directors. He joins Leonard Kurtzman, Chief Financial Officer of NewBrandAnalytics, who joined the Board in the spring. Avizia has also recently established a business banking relationship with Silicon Valley Bank

‘This new financial support will help us accelerate Avizia’s mission to revolutionize healthcare delivery with advanced integrated care solutions,’ said Mike Baird, CEO of Avizia. ‘As healthcare providers seek to improve the quality and accessibility of patient care, we believe that telemedicine will become a critical mission to achieve these objectives. ”

The capital increase follows on from the launch by Avizia of its new CA300 telemedicine system at ATA 2014. The funding will help Avizia to continue to expand its sales channels, expand its product line and increase market awareness.

‘NextGen Angels is taking an exceptionally entrepreneurial approach precisely so that we have the opportunity to work with superb teams like Avizia’s,’ said NextGen Angels Managing Director Brett Gibson. ‘Avizia is positioned at the forefront of a new and fast-growing industry with an unusually powerful technology. ”

Using Avizia products, healthcare providers can reach more patients, increase access to timely care, and work more productively through remote face-to-face collaboration. Avizia’s telemedicine portfolio includes a wide range of medical devices, software and professional services that provide an end-to-end telemedicine solution that is easy to implement.

‘It is rare to find a new company that already supplies a fully developed product family to a large and diverse customer base,’ Kennedy added. ‘Avizia’s leadership, vision and technology are the quality that we find in companies that have been established in their respective industries for years. ”

Avizia is one of the world’s largest providers of telemedicine solutions with more than 200 customers in more than 20 countries worldwide.

About the Avicia

Avizia delivers on the vision of collaborative patient care by connecting medical experts across the distance through innovative, leading-edge telemedicine solutions. Supported by Cisco technology, Avizia delivers telemedicine that is as powerful as easy to use. The Avizia end-to-end solution includes telemedicine devices, workflow management software, storage and forward capabilities with EHR integration and a line of peripherals, such as digital stethoscopes and examination cameras. Whether medical professionals are conducting remote medical consultations or teaching a new procedure, Avizia makes the experience feel as if everyone is present. Visit Aviziatech’s Com

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