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AVVAY, a startup that helps content creators find and book locations for their projects and events, is announcing its $1M seed round (SEC announcement set for Sept). 13) 13) The round is led by Zero G Capital, based in Denver, with the participation of Matchstick Ventures, SpringTime Ventures and Service Provider Capital, among others.

AVVAY is an online marketplace, in the vein of Airbnb, helping creative book locations for photo/video shoots, recording sessions, workshops, performances and other creative events. Locations include everything from commercial studios and venues to hidden gems in town lofts, farmhouses and other eclectic locations. AVVAY’s mission is to serve the rapidly growing community of content creators by allowing them to tap into resources previously available only to insiders or to select a few.

Currently, AVVAY serves the Nashville, Portland, Chicago, Dallas and Houston markets.

The inception of AVVAY lies in the creative background of its founders. While on the road touring with Paramore as a guitarist, Jon Howard, co-founder and CEO of AVVAY, was also busy producing records.

“At that time, I was making a solo record for Paramore’s drummer-and the plan was to find interesting locations in every city we went,” Howard said. “Unless I knocked on doors or knew someone, there was no way to get to those places. AVVAY was born out of trying to solve these problems for us. “That’s right.

Along with the rest of the AVVAY founding team, Howard spent three months in Boulder, Colorado, as part of the prestigious Techstars accelerator. They returned to Nashville in May, and with the closing of their seed round, the team is ready to continue the growth of AVVAY.

“One of the benefits of being accepted into the accelerator program is to gain access to the Techstars Network, which has provided us with incredible mentorship,” said Howard. “We spent three months diving deeply into our vision and processes, and now we’re excited to close this seed round and continue to bring our vision to fruition. Content creators are massively underserved, and we’re addressing their challenges head on. “That’s right.

Howard says that not only does AVVAY expect to be in additional markets by the end of the year, but it will also announce plans that will provide solutions to other issues facing content creators.

The AVVAY team includes the founders Jon Howard, Nick de Partee, Josh Colbert and Nick Domínguez, the early team member Mike Johnson and the new addition Liza Kawaller.

“We’re looking forward to creating really cool, interesting tech jobs here in Tennessee,” Howard said.

AVVAY was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Cool Springs, Suite 103B, Suite 103B, Franklin, Tenn. Go to www for more information. Avay, Come on,

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