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As Esports continues to grow silently as the fastest global sport in the world, with projections to reach $1. 5B By 2020, RIISE Ventures, based in Atlanta, decides to “get into the game” with its first sports investment in Axis Replay – the premier entertainment and event facility for video games and sports. Together, RIISE and Axis Replay will curate some of the country’s most unique gaming experiences.

RIISE Ventures curates experiences by leveraging major sport, entertainment and technology events [and venues] Their proprietary innovation Is A Sport process helps consult partners and corporate brands on how to stimulate ideas, attract and retain talent, and invest capital in the growth industry.

‘The godfather of Angel Investing’ and the partner of RIISE, Sig Mosley, had been deprived of the potential of technology long before she moved into the world of Esports. As the most prolific investor in the south-east, Mosley is confident that this contribution to Axis Replay and the gaming industry will prove to have an immediate impact. “It’s important that we stay up to date with the latest insights and trends while investing capital in talented individuals and companies with amazing ideas,” Mosley says, “Esports is an emerging industry and I’m very optimistic about its growth path. “That’s right.

Axis Replay CEO Allie Young saw the potential of Esports as a commodity early on in its development. With Atlanta being one of the ‘Top 3 Best Cities for Gamers in the US,’ according to WalletHub, and a melting pot of millennial energy, Young felt it was important to provide gamers with a community-driven atmosphere to stimulate the growth of the industry. “With growth in sports and gaming, investing in infrastructure that will house, train and develop digital athletes is something that wise investors will seek. Here at Axis Replay, we’re incredibly blessed to have the support of such a strong network this early in the game. It’s a testament to the strength of our concept,” Young explains, “when gamers and supporters like Sig Mosley put their names behind something, we know there’s something very special about it. “Having previously owned its own media and marketing company, Young founded Axis Replay and opened it to the public on New Year’s Eve 2018.

Before Beta Launch, Axis Replay and RIISE Ventures came together to help host the first-ever ‘Esports Week Atlanta’ in November 2018. This event brought together sports industry leaders, brand executives and gamers alike to demonstrate the evolution of the industry through a week of workshops, panels and tours.

“I’m really excited about our partnership with Axis Replay The Esports space is electrical and one of the most fertile verticals for us to create the Experiential IP and content right now. We feel what SOHO House is for industry and creative elites, Access Replay is going to be for gamers and creative tech space. Adding this to our conversation & portfolio is a win-win for all involved. “Tells RIISE Venture Partner and ONE Musicfest Founder, J Carter.

The future of RIISE Ventures’ partnership with Axis Replay is crucial as Atlanta continues to be the ultimate destination for major sports, technology and entertainment events. “These alliances will allow us to continue to show how innovation is a sport and what that means for the industry,” says RIISE Venture Managing Partner M. Cole Jones is

RIISE Ventures will continue to explore the investment of ideas, talent and capital across sports and other industries that offer distinct experiences in the worlds of sports, entertainment and technology. Game On, man!

About the Riese Ventures
RIISE Ventures curate experiences by leveraging major sport, entertainment and technology events Our Innovation is a SportTM methodology that advises partners and consults corporate brands on how to stimulate ideas, attract and retain talent and invest capital in emerging and growing industries. RIISE Ventures is a member of the Consumer Technology Association (producers of the Consumer Electronics Show) and sits on the Atlanta Super Bowl 53 Technology Committee. Learn more about: http://riiseventures Come on,

About the replay of the axis
Axis Replay is a 12,000 square foot entertainment and event facility for video games and sports, located across from Krog Street Market in Atlanta, Georgia. This unique facility allows for small to medium-sized eSports events, high-speed internet, high-end gaming systems, coffee table games and bars. Axis Replay exists to create fun, social experiences for gamers and their friends to build stronger connections. Visit www for more information. Replay of the axis Come on,

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