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Axis Security, a private application access company, has emerged today from the stealth launch of a purpose-built, cloud-based security and analytics platform that provides organizations with easy and secure control of private application access. Built on a zero-trust approach, the Axis Application Access CloudTM offers a new agentless model that provides the easiest and safest way to connect users on any device in minutes to private applications without touching the network or applications.

Axis Security, founded by Dor Knafo and Gil Azrielant, has raised a total of $17 million in funding. The initial investment came from Cyberstarts, a VC firm supported by founders and entrepreneurs from Sequoia Capital, Palo Alto Networks, Check Point, Imperva, among others. Alex Doll, Ten Eleven Ventures, led the Series A round in which Cyberstarts was the first investor. Additional investors include Dan Amiga, founder of Fireglass, and board member Michael Fey, former president of Symantec, and Blue Coat.

Axis Application Access Cloud resolves the issue of implicitly open network access and removes the pain points of network-based security associated with Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) VPNs can be complex, slow to deploy, difficult to manage and rigid, especially when it comes to providing access to third-party supply chain partners, vendors, contractors and remote staff.

“Axis Security is helping to solve one of the most complex security challenges facing IT teams,” said Dor Knafo, co-founder and CEO. “Enabling access to the basic tools of digital transformation should not be one of the greatest risks that the organization takes. We’re giving IT teams what they’ve been lacking when it comes to applications, and that’s a single managed solution for access, security, control and scalability without complexity. “That’s right.

“Axis Security solves the problem of secure access to applications with a cloud-based approach that keeps users separate from the network and applications. This dramatically reduces the surface of the attack, and also provides a level of visibility and control that is not currently found in alternative solutions. Axis Security is helping organizations meet the needs of employees, partners and suppliers who require secure access to critical business applications anywhere, at any time,” said Diego Souza, Managing Director, Security Technology, United Airlines.

“The exponential adoption of cloud technologies has made secure access to private applications a major concern for Fortune 500 companies,” said Gili Raanan, general partner and founder of Cyberstarts and Sequoia Capital (Israel). “Dor and Gil’s strong vision combined with their decision to combine top Israeli engineering talent with sales and marketing executives from Check Point, Tanium, Juniper and McAfee set them up for success. “That’s right.

“Our business depends on globally located employees, contractors and partners accessing business applications,” said Gram Ludlow, Chief Information Security Officer. “With new zero trust approaches that focus on secure access to applications, we are able to completely shift our strategy to secure our IT infrastructure so that business can be accelerated and not stopped. This is the way to the future. “That’s right.

“We have been saying for years that identities are the new perimeter,” said Curtis Simpson, Chief Information Security Officer. “This new zero trust solution from Axis provides a modern solution to a modern problem. It enables organizations to truly monitor and manage third-party risks and is a true enabler to move users from a generally flat network to a better, more secure experience with nothing more than an Internet connection. “That’s right.

Alex Doll, Founder and Managing Partner, Ten Eleven Ventures, commented, “Axis’ Application Access Cloud gives businesses the security solution they’ve been looking for: unmatched visibility and control over users by requiring coordinated control over requests, users, policies and activities. We were very impressed by the innovative approach taken by Axis and the speed with which the founding team moved from concept to development to market validation. It is a true testament to the magnitude of the challenge posed by the changing nature of enterprise networks and hybrid cloud use, and the Axis team’s ability to address it through an identity-forward approach to modern application security. “That’s right.

“Application access is a major pain point for organizations today, not network access. Business applications must be available anywhere, at any time, to any user, on any device,” said John Grady, cyber security analyst at ESG. “This ‘Matrix of Anyness’ encompasses a myriad of electoral districts, from employees to partners, a host of third parties, as well as cloud and on-site applications. Axis Security’s cloud-based, private application access solution separates users from applications, reducing the attack surface and providing enhanced control through enhanced analytics and visibility of application traffic. This approach helps solve the problem that many organizations are still struggling with. “That’s right.

“This market is ripe for disruption,” said Richard Stiennon, founder and chief analyst at IT Harvest, and author of Security Yearbook 2020: IT Security Industry History and Directory. “Existing approaches to secure access to applications are network-focused and primarily use a VPN—which poses a lot of difficulties when connecting and managing partners. The ability to circumvent the network to access applications makes much more sense for third parties, employees and security teams. “That’s right.

As a software-as-a-service (SaaS), the Axis Security Application Access Cloud is immediately available.

About Security of the Axis

Axis Security’s Access CloudTM application is a purpose-built cloud-based solution that makes access to private apps incredibly easy. Built on a zero-trust approach, the solution offers a new agentless model that provides the easiest and safest way to connect users anywhere on any device, to private apps, without ever touching the network or apps themselves. Axis Security is a privately owned, venture-backed company headquartered in San Mateo, California, with research and development in Tel Aviv, Israel. Visit www for more information. Security of the axis Come on, Follow us through Twitter and LinkedIn

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Ten Eleven Ventures is the original venture capital company focused solely on investing in digital security. The company invests globally and at all stages, from seed to growth (the latter through its Joint Investment Alliance with KKR) Since its founding in 2015, Ten Eleven Ventures has raised nearly $500 million and invested in 21 leading cyber security companies, including Twistlock, Verodin, Cylance, KnowBe4, Darktrace and Ping Identity. Visit https://www for more information. 1111vc Come on,

About the Cyberstart

Cyberstarts is the leading cybersecurity venture capital firm founded in 2018 by Gili Raanan, supported by the founders of legendary companies such as Check Point Technologies, Palo Alto Networks, Imperva and Cyberark. The CISO Advisory Board of the firm includes participants from the leading U Oh, S Fortune 500 companies based Cyberstarts focuses on early-stage cyber security companies and, since its inception, has leveraged the collective experience and networks of the best brains in the cyber security world to help different teams of exceptionally bright entrepreneurs solve tomorrow’s biggest cyber security challenges. Learn more about cyberstarts Come on,

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