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Inc. Axwave , creator of GSOUND, the newest, most innovative mobile app to bring people closer to the movies, music and TV shows they love, today announced a $400,000 increase in its seed funding round.

The funding, which comes just two weeks after the launch of the iOS beta version of its GSOUND app, will allow Axwave to focus on improving GSOUND. The round was chaired by angel investors

This $400,000 in additional funding brings the total company funds raised to $800,000, which also includes original investment from the founders.

‘We had an incredibly busy quarter,’ said Damian A, CEO of Axwave. Scavo’s ‘In addition to the positive reception we received from beta users of GSOUND, we are now working on new features of the app, increasing the database of movies, music and TV shows significantly. In addition, we’re already working on version 7 of iOS Additional funding will be used to keep the app free, increase the database, improve technology and add new important features to the app. We are fortunate to have a team of staff and investors who recognize the considerable interest and opportunity in technology that does a better job of bringing the talented people who make films, music and TV shows closer to the people who watch and listen to them. ”

GSOUND is a mobile app that allows users to identify and purchase music by recording just a few seconds of what is being heard. The beta version of GSOUND, now available for free download from Apple’s iOS App Store, is the most visually pleasing app of its kind and allows users to identify and learn more about the music they’re listening to. Future versions of GSOUND will also integrate improved recognition for movies and TV shows.

Axwave About
Axwave is the creator of GSOUND, the latest and most innovative mobile app to bring people closer to the movies, music and TV shows they love. The company is committed to the creation of a global transformational innovation The exclusive audio fingerprint technology of Axwave is capable of identifying music and other media at the same time. For more information on Axwave and GSOUND, please visit http://www. Gsound is Com/Com

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