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Babblabs, a fresh start-up in advanced speech processing, today announced a $4 million Series Seed investment led by Cognite Ventures, with additional funding support from Jerry Yang, founding partner of AME Cloud Ventures, and prominent independent investors John Hennessy, Harvey Jones, James Hogan and Kurt Keutzer. The funding will be used to fund Babblabs’ initial development and production of advanced cloud and embedded speech processing systems using deep neural and audio processing technologies. Chris Rowen, CEO of Cognite and renowned entrepreneur of Silicon Valley, will be CEO of Babblabs.

Just as speech has become the foundation for much of the world’s telecommunications, it has also emerged as one of the most important new media for human-machine interaction. The combination of deep learning methods and advanced audio signal processing has enabled a degree of speed and accuracy that has created a fast-growing category of speech-centric devices. However, new opportunities for speech recognition and analysis in the cloud, automotive infotainment/autonomy, advanced telephony and home automation markets require better, faster speech processing. These markets require improved accuracy in real-world sound environments, solutions that can be customized for each user, and instant functionality in low-cost devices.

“Our goal is to overcome the complex technical and market challenges that need to be addressed in order to power a new generation of devices and cloud systems,” said Chris Rowen, co-founder and CEO of Babblabs. “To this end, we have brought together an extraordinary team of neural network researchers, speech processing architects, signal processing gurus and audio software experts. This seasoned team will drive unprecedented innovations in speech recognition, noise management, speed search, speaker identification and speech generation. “That’s right.

“I have chosen to invest in Babblabs because it has unique technology and strong market insights into the rapidly emerging world of speech-centric cloud applications,” said Jerry Yang, founding partner of AME Cloud Ventures. “Better yet, Babblabs has brought together the kind of world-class founding team at the heart of the best tech start-ups. “That’s right.

About the Babblab

Founded in San Jose in 2017, Babblabs Inc. Develops new technologies for speech processing, using advanced deep neural networks and audio signal processing techniques While Babblabs products have not been announced or released, the company’s core capabilities span human-human communication and human-machine interactions. The company has already built a unique body of speech data and significant computing capacity to enable state-of-the-art speech-centric application training. Visit http://www for more information. Babbblabs Come on,

About Cognite Venture

Cognite Ventures LLC, led by Chris Rowen, invests, advises and analyzes a deep learning start-up world. http://www: cognition events Come on,

AME Cloud Ventures

AME Cloud Ventures is a venture fund led by Jerry Yang, Yahoo’s co-founder!

AME Cloud Ventures focuses on seed to later stage companies building data infrastructure and value chains. http://www: The amecloud adventures Come on,

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