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BabelBark, a pet-related software developer, today announced the completion of its $4 Series A funding Since the beginning of 2018, 5 million dogs have increased the number of dogs connected to the platform by more than 300 percent. The $4 of it $5 million represents an increase to the original Series A funding target of $2 $9 million BabelBark will use additional funding to further expand its reach and services globally, invest in additional marketing resources and recruit top talent.

“We’re excited about this strong financial support from both our new and existing investors who share our vision to connect all of us in pet life,” said Roy Stein, founder and CEO. “We are ahead of our targets in every parameter and this funding expansion will help us reach more than 250,000 pets on the platform in the next six months, allowing BabelBark to become the most connecting and comprehensive platform across the pet care community in North America in one year. “That’s right.

The company has recently announced a significant expansion of its revolutionary mobile app and software platform, including both cat breeds and dogs, making the emerging BabelBark platform one of the most useful resources to help companion animals live happy, healthy lives.

Redefine Pet Care Connections

Launched in 2016, BabelBark connects pets with pet care companies (i.e. E: E Veterinary practices, trainers, shelters, groomers, walkers, pet sitters, boarding wards and more within the pet care community) through a digital platform with a mobile application. It offers seamless activity monitoring, access to primary care and emergency veterinary services, medical records and medication reminders, regional/local pet service providers and tailor-made products to help pet parents monitor and manage their pet’s unique needs on a prescriptive and proactive basis.

BabelBark is a fully collaborative platform and an ingenious range of products, including:

BabelBark, a mobile app that helps pet parents manage pet records, medicines, diet, activity, and more. And adding an optional health monitor will only enhance the ability of the pet owner to improve the health of their pet. The app is now available for free download in the App Store and Google Play.

BizBark, the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that helps independent pet businesses such as groomers, shelters, trainers, walkers, boarders and others manage their business and marketing efforts so that they can focus on their service. It helps them to be at the top of their minds with their customers Pet businesses can register by going to Bizbark. Come on,

BabelVet, a powerful software platform that fully integrates the veterinary practice management system, allowing the ability to share a full pet profile and health care statistics instantly, whenever needed. Everything from exercise levels to dietary data to medicine dosage to immunization records, all in one easy-to-access location. Finally, it allows veterinarians to connect directly to their patient’s health data in order to provide a more complete level of care. Enrolling as a clinic at BabelVet is easy. Come on,

“BabelBark helps veterinarians gain access to innovation and differentiation to ensure that independent practices are on the same playing field as large corporate groups,” said Bill Rebozo, founder, product and market strategist for BabelBark. ‘The platform puts the veterinarian back in the care center and gives the pet parent access not only to information but also to data from remote monitoring to extended services offered outside veterinary practice and between visits. “That’s right.

“No other solution on the market incorporates this level of connectivity and care,” Rebozo added. Technology is a great equalizer of the future, ensuring that pet parents can interact with their chosen veterinarian and local pet care providers in the way they want—with their smartphones and mobile devices. It’s a win-win for all of us “That’s right.

BabelBark, Inc.

BabelBark is dedicated to providing families with an easy way to connect many facets of their pet’s life through mobile applications that monitor the activity and care of their dog and/or cat. The BabelBark App and Health Monitor connect your trusted veterinary hospital/clinic, shelter, trainer, groomer, dog walker, sitter, boarder and more via BabelVet and BizBark. The BabelBark platform helps pet parents better understand their dog or cat and gives them the happiest and healthiest life possible, while helping pet businesses and veterinarians to maintain a closer relationship with their customers and clients—connecting love to each pet. For more information, please visit BabelBark, BizBark and BabelVet or email info@babelbark. Come on,

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