Based in Japan and India. Has led to 1 successful fundraise in Japan. Been working the space of Venture Capital and Private Equity for the last 3 years.

Backdoor, LLC, a company founded by 14-year-old Daniel Singer, creator of Backdoor, the popular anonymous messaging app, today announced that it has received $200,000 in seed funding from ArpexCapital. Backdoor intends to use its new capabilities to continue to innovate the messaging space and help expand into new markets.

Backdoor, launched in July of this year, allows users to communicate anonymously and with their friends. Even though it’s anonymous, it’s not a one-sided experience, as the recipient can redeem ‘clues’ to find out more about who’s messaging them and how they’re trying to figure out their identity.

‘I am proud to be able to push the messaging industry forward with ArpexCapital as a great addition to our ever-growing team,’ said Daniel Singer, founder and creator of Backdoor, LLC. ‘ArpexCapital understands the global vision that we have for Backdoor, and this seed round will allow us to greatly expand the platform and add new industry-leading innovations to the app. ”

The Daniel Crunch Base profile can be viewed at: http://www Base of the crunch Com/People/Daniel-Singer

Backdoor, LLC:
Backdoor, LLC was founded by Daniel Singer, a prodigy of technology Daniel has created YouTell Com, which has millions of users posting questions and receiving anonymous answers; and the iOS Backdoor app, which allows users to anonymously send messages and communicate with their friends;

About the capital of Arpex:
A small group of partners capitalized on ArpexCapital and all partners have a strong entrepreneurial background. ArpexCapital understands the immense challenges of entrepreneurship and seeks to help entrepreneurs overcome these challenges by building successful businesses both in Brazil and abroad. More information can be found at ArepexCapital Com

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