Based in Japan and India. Has led to 1 successful fundraise in Japan. Been working the space of Venture Capital and Private Equity for the last 3 years.

The round was chaired by Millstone Capital Partners The investment will enable BAM to aggressively expand sales, innovation and product development.

Since the launch of its first customer in 2014, BAM’s solutions have helped transport companies gain easier access to capital and technology to book loads more quickly, reduce paydays, improve credit scores, and build stronger carrier relationships while increasing cash flow.

The new funding builds on an exceptional year for BAM, which saw its revenue increase by 300%. The Atlanta Business Chronicle ranked the top 25 fastest growing company in Atlanta as part of the 2017 Pacesetter Awards.

Building on this momentum, BAM will use funding to boost customer expansion, develop additional technology and invest in its team.
“BAM has built its business on providing a scalable, cloud-based platform that allows our customers to access both our technology and our capital to grow faster,” said Todd Ehrlich, Chief Executive Officer of BAM.

BAM provides technology, payment processing and working capital loans to the U Oh, S Truck industry The company’s specialty finance software and operations platform, BAMwire, is revolutionizing the traditional transfer and advancement of funds used by freight carriers and brokers.

“The landscape of the transport industry will look dramatically different five years from today, with new technology changing the way companies handle their finances,” said Ramesh Mantha, partner at Millstone Capital Partners. “We believe that BAM is at the forefront of this innovation “That’s right.

About BAM:
BAM is a leading provider of cash management and working capital solutions to third-party logistics providers committed to helping clients improve their financial performance through operational efficiency. BAM’s proprietary cash processing and cash management engine, BAMwire, allows brokers to book loads more quickly, reduce paydays, improve credit scores, and build stronger carrier relationships while increasing cash flow. Visit Bamwire for more information. Come on,

About Millstone Capital Partner
Millstone Capital Partners is a privately held alternative investment firm specializing in venture growth investment, industry roll-up and receivable acquisition. Millstone Capital Partners strives to establish long-term relationships by providing creative solutions to the needs of our partners.
Visit Millstonecp for more information. Come on,

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