Based in Japan and India. Has led to 1 successful fundraise in Japan. Been working the space of Venture Capital and Private Equity for the last 3 years.

Alberto Paddyez, Managing Director of Trident Capital Cybersecurity, will join the company’s board of directors Will Lin, Vice President of Trident Capital Cybersecurity, will be the Observer Board.

Trident Capital Cybersecurity has been monitoring Bayshore Networks’ growth success for almost two years as it reached its key milestones. ‘We have chosen to lead the Series A because Bayshore has been recognized as an innovator and early leader in the emerging cyber security segment that is largely untapped to date,’ said Alberto Paddyez, Managing Director of Trident Capital Cybersecurity. ‘We are impressed by the company’s state-of-the-art cloud-based technology, the team’s ability to grow its customer base across the Fortune 100, and its record of developing strategic alliances with world-class players. ”

Cyber Security Targeting for the Industrial Internet
While the Internet offers significant business advantages to industrial enterprises, it leaves their operations exposed and vulnerable to the dangers of the Internet. Bayshore was founded in 2012 to help protect industrial enterprises from cyber attacks on the Internet, which are becoming increasingly common.

The term ‘Industrial Internet’ refers to the convergence of networked applications and sensors with industrial machines and processes. The Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) represents new business opportunities for companies in industries such as manufacturing, critical infrastructure, smart cities and connected cars.

Bayshore’s cloud-based software, called the Bayshore IT/OT Gateway, gives IT departments visibility to OT (Operational Technology) infrastructure, networks, applications, machines and workers. These OT networks are undergoing transformation and require services traditionally available to IT networks, such as secure remote access and analytics. Bayshore provides immediate value by preventing disruption of the OT process and enhancing operational efficiency and business continuity.

The software distinguishes between extremely granular inspection and filtering of network flows—all the way down to machine sensor values—and the ability to provide security enforcement and application segmentation and isolation through flexible, rapidly implemented policies. Bayshore’s policy engine is capable of promoting common industrial protocols and quickly adapting to new and proprietary protocols.

These capabilities are built from the ground up for Industrial Internet and provide Bayshore’s F-100 customers with future-proof, cloud-based solutions that complement legacy hardware-based industrial firewalls. Designed for IT perimeter security, firewalls search for IP addresses and ports, which means they block attacks according to standard Internet parameters. Because industrial cyber attacks are usually based on granular machine instructions that alter sensor values, Bayshore’s unique technology is well positioned to detect industrial attacks that are often overlooked by other security technologies.

If the Industrial Internet is adequately protected, General Electric estimates that it will have the potential to add up to $15 trillion in global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) over the next 20 years. (1) IDC believes that IoT Security Products revenues totalled $9. In 2015, 4 billion dollars worldwide will exceed 20 billion dollars by 2020, a compound annual growth rate of 16 billion dollars. Five percent (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2)

‘Bayshore intends to capitalize on the rapid expansion of the market by continuing to focus on resolving the problems of our customers,’ said Mike Dager, CEO of Bayshore. ‘That means providing for the protection of their industrial operations and workers Because our software supports all popular industrial protocols and easily adapts to proprietary protocols, we will continue to target customers across a wide range of industrial verticals. ”

‘The protection of industrial control systems against cyber attacks may be one of the most urgent areas of cyber security in the world today,’ said Dr. Edward G’s Amoroso, former SVP and CSO of AT&T, now CEO of TAG Cyber LLC ‘Bayshore Networks offers a range of efficient and scalable software and virtual solutions to achieve this important goal. ”

Bayshore will use some of its venture capital proceeds to complete the relocation of its headquarters from New York City to Bethesda, Maryland, to access the wealth of cyber security expertise in metropolitan Washington, D. Uh, C It will also invest capital in R&D and the expansion of its engineering and sales teams.

About Bayshore Network, Inc.
Bayshore Networks, named Gartner Cool Vendor and SINET 16 Innovator, is a leader in cyber security for the industrial Internet of Things. The award-winning, patented Bayshore IT/OT Gateway software unlocks the power of the Industrial Internet by enabling industrial applications and data It gives Fortune 1000s unprecedented visibility to their operating technologies, and securely and securely protects industrial applications, networks, machines and workers. The software platform is deployed from the cloud as a virtual machine or on-prem as a hardware appliance. Bayshore has strategic alliances with leading technology companies such as AT&T, BAE Systems, Cisco Systems and VMware. Visit www for more information. Bayshore network Come on,

Cybersecurity about Trident Capital
Trident Capital Cybersecurity is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage companies using emerging cyber security technologies. The company is a spin-off of Trident Capital, which in 1998 became one of the pioneers of cyber security venture capital investment. Managing Directors Alberto Yépez, Don Dixon and Sean Cunningham jointly lead the cyber security investment team and sit on the boards of Airtight Networks, AlienVault, Blue Cat, Hytrust, IronNet Cybersecurity, Mocana and Qualys. Renowned as a venture capital firm with the most valuable cyber security relationship network, Trident Capital Cybersecurity also relies on input from the 40-person Cyber Security Advisory Council, made up of industry CEOs, customers and former senior government leaders. Bayshore Networks is the third investment of the company Earlier investments have been made in IronNet Cybersecurity and Survela. Visit www for more information. Tridentary cybersecurity Come on,

(1) ‘Push the Boundaries of Minds and Machines,’ Peter C. Evans and Marco Annunziata, General Electric, November 2012;
(2) ‘Worldwide Internet of Things Security Products Forecast 2016-2020: Vendors Identify Practical Solutions,’ Document #US40829715, January 2016.

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