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Boston-based Bedrock DataTM today announced the launch of its business data integration platform, along with $3. Series 11 million Funding led by 406 Aventures This announcement marks the official launch of the company after more than a year of development, testing and customer on-boarding.

Businesses are now using more and more tools to improve and better manage different business functions – from marketing automation platforms like HubSpot and Marketo, email providers like Mailchimp, ticketing platforms like Eventbrite, CRMs like Salesforce, payment platforms like Recurly. Data-from potential leads and current customer information to sales history to marketing campaign results, back-office management information and so on-are stuck in these silos, duplicated, conflicting or outdated, difficult and time-consuming to manage-with potentially missed and/or lost opportunity gems.

Bedrock Data solves this problem by automatically updating, transferring and syncing data between these systems and dozens more. As soon as Bedrock detects a change in one piece of information, the data will be updated wherever it happens. With plans starting at $149 per month, businesses can be up and running with Bedrock Data in days-no coding required. This offer is an alternative to headache production and error-prone manual data transfer; simple integrations that go in one direction only; and complex, expensive enterprise solutions. (A complete list of supported systems can be found at: http://www Data on bedrock Com/Cloud-Integration Platform (d)

The Bedrock Data journey began in 2012 at HubSpot, where the founders worked at the time. HubSpot collects a lot of data on prospects, conversions and sales, but there was no way for HubSpot customers to integrate it into most of their other business data. So, with the blessing of HubSpot, the founders decided to create their own solution and eventually form a new company.

‘You can’t make business decisions today unless your teams have up-to-date and accurate data at their disposal,’ said John Marcus, co-founder and CEO of Bedrock Data. ‘Bedrock Data will help ensure that your data-and your business-are not irrelevant. ”

‘The average company uses between five and nine different SaaS solutions, and this has doubled from just a few years ago,’ said Graham Brooks, Partner, 406 Aventures ‘SaaS companies are regularly losing sales due to lack of integration, and the number of points they need to integrate is growing exponentially. Bedrock Data enables companies to deliver all the necessary integrations without having to distract their engineering team every time a new SaaS solution comes on the market or the API changes. ”

‘So many companies are putting off this type of data integration because it’s daunting and simply never get around to it,’ said Gerry Murray, Research Manager at IDC Market Intelligence. ‘Integrated marketing data, however, offers substantial advantages, including the ability to identify the best potential customers early on in their purchase process and to reduce acquisition costs. It is therefore an investment that can easily pay off to modern marketers. ”

Mike Volpe, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at HubSpot, Inc. , Bedrock Data strategic partner, ‘Bedrock Data integrations help marketers in two ways: first, by syncing and updating qualified leads to sales, and second, by providing marketers with the revenue and financial cost data they need to make accurate, data-driven decisions. Bedrock has already helped hundreds of HubSpot customers, including our INBOUND conference. ”

At launch, Bedrock Data customers already include HubSpot’s INBOUND, Eventbrite, Bigcommerce, Contactually, OBP Medical, Inc. Socious and more than 250 others

‘Bedrock Data is extremely important to our marketing efforts as it enables us to keep critical data from our CRM. Constantly informing our marketing campaigns,” said Matthew Traub, CMO of Bedrock Data customer OBP Medical, Inc.

Josh Paul, Marketing Director at Socious, another Bedrock Data customer, said, “A large part of our success with Bedrock is not only technology, but also the people involved. I know they’re there to answer questions and help bring our integration to the next level. ”

The Bedrock Data Executive Team has over 40 years of combined experience in integration, operation and enterprise software development:

CEO and co-founder, John Marcus is a student of HubSpot, MIT Sloan School of Management and Y Combinator.
Vice President of Products and Co-Founder, Ben Smith is a student of HubSpot and SunGard and a leader in integration thinking.
Adrian Mott, Vice President of Marketing and Co-Founder, is a full-stack marketer, evangelist developer and alumni of HubSpot and Black Duck.
Taylor Barstow, Vice President of Engineering and Co-Founder, is a full-stack developer, serial entrepreneur and alumni of Design Workflow.
Boston Syndicates and Maiden Lane also participated in the Bedrock Data Series A round Funding is provided for the continued development of products and the expansion of employees’ teams

The enviable Board of Advisers of Bedrock Data includes:

Jeanne Hopkins, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Continuum
Doug Levin, CEO of Quant5
Jim O’Neill, Chief Information Officer (CIO), HubSpot;
Brian Shin, Founder and CEO of Visible Measures
Bedrock Data free-trials are available for a limited time-subscribe here: https://accounts Data on bedrock Com/Sign-Up/

About the Basic Data
Bedrock Data is the leading data integration platform for disparate enterprise systems Bedrock Data’s iPaaS, or Integration Platform as a Service, automatically reviews, updates and syncs information assets previously stuck in marketing automation, email, ticketing, CRM, and other system silos, providing timely and accurate information needed to make smart business decisions. It is the ideal alternative to complicated, time-consuming and error-prone manual data transfer; simple integrations that go in one direction only; or expensive and management-intensive enterprise solutions. For more information, please visit www Data on bedrock Com or call 877-588-2671

About the 406 Aventures
406 Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm that invests in innovative information technology and services companies founded by the finest entrepreneurs. 406 Ventures is led by a veteran team of industry entrepreneurs, operators and investors who apply real-world experience, deep industry knowledge and networks, and strong company-building skills to create value for entrepreneurs and investment partners. 406 Ventures is typically the lead, first institutional investor, early stage and de novo investment in market-changing IT security and infrastructure, with a particular focus on healthcare IT, Big Data, cloud and mobile software companies.

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