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BEGiN, the company behind HOMER’s proven early learning program, today announced the closing of the $50 million Series C funding round. Investors include LEGO Ventures, Sesame Workshop, the main investor in Gymboree Play & Music, 3One4 Capital, Trustbridge Partners and Interlock Partners. Liquidity Capital also contributed an additional $25 million in growth-based trajectory funding. The company will use funding to 1) launch the industry’s first comprehensive early learning program across digital, physical and in-person experiences 2) co-develop curricula alongside trusted partners such as Sesame Workshop and 3) launch globally through distribution partners such as Gymboree Play & Music.

BEGiN is the award-winning educational technology company that produces learning products that are as effective as they are engaging-cultivating critical skills and bringing high-quality educational content to children everywhere. HOMER is an essential early learning program for children 2-8. HOMER gives children the best start on their learning journey by building trust and developing skills that prepare them for school and life. The HOMER Method-our proprietary learning framework-provides academic skills such as literacy and math, as well as personal skills such as problem-solving and social emotional awareness, through content that is tailored to their interest, age and level of learning, during the critical period of early childhood development, when children’s brains are most hungry to learn.

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