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Big River, an online fundraising platform for non-profit organizations, announced today that it has received a $250,000 investment commitment from JumpStart Inc. Big River will use the funds to develop product, marketing and sales efforts to expand beyond the arts and cultural institutions.

“Big River services help organizations capitalize on the rapid growth of online donation,” says Jerry Frantz, JumpStart’s Managing Venture Partner. “Their service easily integrates into existing digital properties, such as websites, social media or email communications, to provide highly targeted, personalized communication with donors. “That’s right.

Big River helps non-profit organizations increase online donation by making the most effective appeal to the potential donor at the right time. Big River online software can be tailored to small or large non-profit organizations and supports all donor transactions, including events, recurring donations, sponsorships, special campaigns and more.

“I have recognized the opportunity to improve online fundraising by building relationships with donors through personalized appeals and providing information on the impact of their donation,” said Ron Cass, Founder and President of Big River. “I am pleased that JumpStart has validated the market opportunity through its commitment to finance “That’s right.

A number of Ohio-based organizations have seen an increase since they partnered with Big River, including Lorain County Metro Parks and the Cleveland Museum of Art, where membership has doubled.

“The Big River was absolutely fantastic to work with Our membership has doubled as a result of our online involvement,” said August Napoli, Deputy Director and Chief Advancement Officer at the Cleveland Museum of Art. “What this technology has done for the fundraiser is to eliminate the transactional nature of the interaction and actually enable the development officer or the engagement officer to really develop a person-to-person relationship. “Napoli is discussing the new expansion of the atrium and funding for the Cleveland Museum of Art in a recent interview.

At the beginning of 2012, Big River was one of the first Cleveland-based start-ups chosen to receive funding and support from Bizdom’s non-profit organization (http://www). The Bisdom Com), a business accelerator focused on creating waves of start-ups in the urban cores of Cleveland and Detroit. Bizdom was founded by Dan Gilbert, Founder of Rock Ventures and Quicken Loans, and Majority Proprietor of Cleveland Cavaliers.

“The Big River software suite fills the market gap and Ron Cass has the skills and ability to scale the business,” says Bizdom Cleveland leader Paul Allen. “We are pleased that the company receives recognition and additional investment “That’s right.

About the Great River
Big River is a cloud-based fundraising platform that enables non-profits to present more targeted appeals and develop more meaningful relationships with constituents through the Web, email and social media. This unique approach increases donor support across the organization’s donor base and helps build longer-lasting relationships. Big River can also leverage and therefore enhance the value of existing donor management systems Visit http://www for more information. Gobigriver’s Come on,

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