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BigTeams, one of the fastest growing, most easy-to-use and most comprehensive website and software systems for high school athletics programs, today introduced industry veteran Clay Walker as Chief Executive Officer and announced an investment round led by Capital Sports Ventures. Walker assumes his new role after spending more than 20 years in the sports and entertainment industry, most recently in the USA TODAY. Headquartered in the Northern Virginia Technology Corridor, BigTeams originally launched its web platform in 2008 and now has customers in 41 countries who use their innovative websites, fundraising tools, booster club systems and fan interaction platforms.

‘By any measure, high school athletes are a growing frontier and I’m thrilled to join an organization that has created an easy-to-use web platform that can be used by athletes to create and distribute content and engage local communities,’ Walker said. ‘Today’s high school market is full of millennials who understand the value of media creation; educators who seek new ways to engage students in digital arts; and athletics managers who are struggling to find ways to meet the growing costs and demands of managing high school athletics programs. The BigTeams platform is a comprehensive web-based solution for high school athletics coaches and administrators at a time when they need it most. ”

The funding round was led by Arlington, VA, based in Capital Sports Ventures, which also included SWaN & Legend Ventures (led by Monumental Sports & Entertainment Partners Fred Schaufeld and Tony Nader), Roger Mody, former CEO of SIGNAL Corporation, and Scott Brickman, former CEO of Brickman Group.

Capital Sports Ventures is headed by CEO Greg Bibb, former Executive Vice President of Business Operations for Washington Wizards and Chief Operating Officer of Washington Mystics. Bib and Schaufeld launched CSV in January 2013.

Bibb and Nader will join the Board of Directors of Big Teams as part of the investment

Clay Walker was most recently Vice President of Publisher Relations at USA TODAY Sports. Prior to joining USA TODAY Sports, Walker was Chief Affiliate Officer, GM, and one of the co-founders of Big Lead Sports, a successful digital sports marketing and media company that was acquired by USA TODAY in January 2012. Prior to co-founding Big Lead Sports, he served for 13 years as Senior Vice President of the Licensing and Marketing Division of the NFL Players Association, where he was named Forty Under 40 in the Sports Business Journal.

About the BigTeam

BigTeams was founded by Matt Carson, Jeff Gilbert, and Steve Sutherland, who will remain the majority owners of BigTeams. BigTeams develops the most advanced high school athletic websites and software available based on the belief that the less time an athletic director has to spend disseminating information, raising money and creating a website, the more time he or she has to spend with coaches and students. The goal of BigTeams is to build and support powerful school-branded websites for high school athletics programs that help the school with administrative work, fundraising and community engagement. The BigTeams product features industry-leading administrative tools, including scheduling, online registration of athletes and booster volunteer management systems. BigTeams leverages the efforts of social media networks, local news outlets, selected fans and professional photographers and videographers, and then combines these efforts into a one-stop shop for fans to get school announcements, schedules and engaging content. The platform also helps high school athletics programs generate revenue through features such as local online ad sales, photo sales, e-commerce, mobile app sales and more. Big Teams has been a pioneer in the ‘School-first’ approach to high school athletics websites since 2008 and has clients in 41 countries. Visit the Big Teams website at http://www for more information. BigTeams are Come on,

Capital Sports Ventures (CSV)

Capital Sports Ventures is a sports and lifestyle property accelerator that advises, manages and provides capital for sports and lifestyle properties and events. In addition to actively investing in the sports and lifestyle industries, CSV offers advisory services to a number of clients. CSV is a member of SWaN & Legend Investment Portfolio

About SWAN & Legend Venture Partner

SWAN & Legend Venture Partners was founded by Fred Schaufeld and Todd Klein in 2012. In addition to CSV, SWaN & Legend’s portfolio of holdings includes Jose Andres’ Think Food Group, CustomInk, Kind Healthy Snacks, Social Radar and Quad Learning, among others.

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