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BIGWORDS: Com released a new version of its popular online shopping service that automatically integrates crowdsourced coupons with proprietary multi-item price comparison technology. Integration in e-commerce is the first of its kind Sites like RetailMeDo not offer crowdsourced coupons but lack price comparison—a feature that is critical in today’s fast-paced online shopping environment—and price comparison sites like Pricegrabber do not offer crowdsourced coupons.

To speed up the adoption of its new service, BIGWORDS Com has raised $300k from Lighter Capital, a leader in revenue-based financing. BIGWORDS: Com is a profitable company that started buying college textbooks as a site. Today, it’s the leading online source of cheap textbooks, saving students $1,000 a year on average. BIGWORDS in 2012 Com began offering a wide range of consumer products, from games and gadgets to lawnmowers, all of which could be priced compared to BIGWORDS. Come on, The service is now used annually by millions of consumers Lighter Capital’s investment is BIGWORDS for the first time. Com has acquired external capital under current ownership

Crowdsourced coupons is a multi-billion dollar industry that has become a key part of online retail. Shoppers find and contribute millions of coupons annually to online shopping sites, saving consumers countless dollars while democratizing e-commerce for everyone. Use the new BIGWORDS Com service, consumers can search for vouchers by store or category, browse current vouchers, or ‘suggest vouchers’ by manually entering any valid vouchers they find on the Internet, in the voucher database. This allows users to share their wealth with fellow shoppers. BIGWORDS staff shall process all coupons in order to verify their validity before publishing them to the public.

‘What we are introducing today is a major step forward for BIGWORDS Com’s proprietary multi-item price optimization technology and online shopping in general,” said Jeff Sherwood, CEO of BIGWORDS. Come on, ‘Crowdsourced coupons are fantastic, but the prices of products on the Internet are dynamic, which means that some stores may undercut the prices of others, either with prices, coupons or shipping rates. By combining price comparison data science with crowdsourced coupons, we ensure that shoppers get the absolute best deal for all the products they buy online. ”

‘We’re thinking about what BIGWORDS Com is a game-changer for e-commerce,’ said BJ Lackland, CEO of Lighter Capital. ‘Price optimization and crowdsourced coupons are huge markets independently, but they have never been offered together before. If you look at the valuations of companies in either market, you get a sense of what is possible with BIGWORDS. Come on, We’re very excited to be part of this great opportunity. ”

About the Big Worlds
BIGWORDS: Com is the owner of Bigger Words, Inc. , based in Newport Beach, California. BIGWORDS Since 2001, Com price comparison site has saved consumers money through its proprietary multi-item price optimization technology BIGWORDS remains at the top of a multitude of retail business models, so that consumers can rely on it to find the cheapest product every time.

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