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BioConsortia, the innovator of microbial solutions to enhance natural plant traits and improve yields, has closed a further round of equity financing to support its continued growth, research achievements and the development of superior products. The $10 million round was led by Otter Capital and contributed to Khosla Ventures, both long-term backers of the biotech company and experienced ag tech investors.

The completion of Series D will further support the increased BioConsortia momentum seen in 2017, with three strategic new hires, the addition of a sixth U. Oh, S Patent and planting of autumn and winter field trials The funds raised will be used for the commercial development of a number of novel microbial consortia-focused on corn, wheat, soya, tomatoes and leafy vegetables. BioConsortia will also continue to build on its proprietary discovery process Advanced Microbial Selection (AMS) including support for the expansion of the AMS platform itself, incorporating deeper and more specialized analysis. Collectively, these steps will lead the company to set up an original and proven platform for the development of more efficient and consistent microbial products for a wide range of agricultural crops.

“We are thrilled by the progress we have made in product development, both for biostimulants and biopesticides, and the recognition of our investors,” says Marcus Meadows-Smith, CEO. “This new funding allows us to increase our annual R&D spending by adding more tools from genomics, microbiome and machine learning to our already powerful discovery platform. “That’s right.

Part of the planned development of BioConsortia has been and will continue to be driven by key hires made last year: Jenna Lang and Steven Wu provide scientific leadership in Microbiome Ecology and Computational Biology, respectively. Analysis of microbiomes and computational modeling underpin the AMS process of BioConsortia When combined with extensive physiological data collected throughout the discovery programme, microbiome insights enable the identification of functional microbes that benefit high-performance plants, either as individuals or as consortia.

“Together, Jenna and Steven have a wealth of experience and expertise,” says Dr. Sue Turner, sir Vice-President of Research “Through the AMS process, we are capturing vast amounts of data; knowing how best to manipulate and analyze efficiently is crucial to the advancement of leads and finding new, superior microbial solutions. “That’s right.

In addition to adding large data expertise to its research group, BioConsortia has developed a strong fermentation team as it takes the final steps in developing commercial launch leads. Dr. Dr. At the beginning of last year, Jorge Santiago-Ortiz joined the company as Chief Fermentation Scientist and worked closely with Dr. Hong Zhu, Mr. VP Lead Development and Manufacturing, lead scale-up and formulation experimentation in newly built formulation facilities at Davis Headquarters. The commercialization process is now underway as a number of microbial treatments have moved from second-and third-year field trials to a wide range of crops and geographies last year. A selected number of major industry players have been entered into repeat field trials and are moving towards further testing and development. The early-stage biopesticide program has also seen many remarkable successes in greenhouse and field trials, and will be extended to many more crops in 2018.

“The expertise we have added really reflects the comprehensive nature of our discovery and development platform,” says Dr. Zhu’s “We’ve been set to succeed as we ramp up our 2018 R&D program and move ever closer to product launch. “That’s right.

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Inc. BioConsortia Develops effective microbial solutions that enhance plant phenotypes and increase crop yields We are pioneering the use of targeted selection to identify teams of microbes-working as plant breeders and selecting plants based on targeted characteristics, then isolating the associated microbial community. Our proprietary Advanced Microbial Selection (AMS) process enriches the crop microbiome, enabling us to identify organisms that influence the expression of beneficial traits in plants. We are currently focusing on products for the use of fertilizer efficiency, growth improvement and both abiotic tolerance and biotic resistance, such as commercial seed treatments, liquid in-furrow products and granule products for a variety of crops.

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