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Bjond, Inc today Announced the closing of $3 $25 million in Series A funding Draper Triangle Ventures led the round, along with co-investors TriStar Technology Ventures and Hopen Life Science Ventures. Bjond’s flagship software, BjondHealth, uses workflow automation, decision support, and behavioral economics to transform care management and drive behavioral change among chronically ill and concerned people. Bjond has attracted a large payer and provider and will use its Series A funds to accelerate the implementation of the latest version of BjondHealth.

‘We are very excited about Bjond and believe that his impact on wellness will be profound,’ said Will Indest, Managing Director, Draper Triangle. ‘With BjondHealth, healthcare payers and providers can increase productivity in care management while at the same time reducing medical costs and improving patients’ lives. ”

‘Healthcare faces increasing pressure to provide higher quality care at significantly lower costs. BjondHealth enables payers and providers to deliver effective care and help chronically ill patients stay healthy while extracting value from legacy care management systems,” said David Blauer, Bjond CEO. ‘The empowerment of patients to engage in their health improves outcomes and helps control costs; this is a priority for health leaders. ”

About Bjond and Inc

Oh, Bjond, Inc , with offices in Boston and Columbus, provides transformative workflow automation, decision support, and behavioral change tools Its flagship application, BjondHealth, stimulates a continuous cycle of data-driven care that greatly improves the lives of patients. Visit Jondinc Com

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