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BloomReach, creator of big data marketing applications, today announced $25 million in Series C funding, led by New Enterprise Associates (NEA) Existing investors, including Lightspeed Venture Partners and Bain Capital Ventures, also participated in the third round, bringing BloomReach’s total funding to $41 million. BloomReach plans to double its investment in sales and marketing and triple its investment in R&D to create large data applications beyond search for any online marketing channel, including mobile, social and video.

“By empowering companies to channel Internet data into sales conversions and revenue growth, big data applications are the natural evolution of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model,” said NEA General Partner Scott Sandell. “The next wave of SaaS leaders will combine cloud delivery model benefits with web-scale data and machine-learning technologies. NEA’s investment in BloomReach builds on our long history of partnering with disruptive SaaS companies such as Salesforce. Com, WebEx, Workday By exploiting the potential of big data to revolutionize SaaS, BloomReach is an example of what’s possible. “That’s right.

“We’re betting that the fastest-growing BDAs will focus on the frontline of business to increase revenue and market share for companies. Many CMOs’ annual budgets are larger than the business IT organization’s budget today, so we’re following the money and betting on BloomReach,” Sandell said.

BloomReach’s big data applications connect marketers and consumers by interpreting web content and predicting online demand, and then automatically adjust web pages to present content that makes the page most relevant to the widest range of demand for products or services. BloomReach is a fundamental shift in how marketers attract and acquire customers: big data, natural language processing, and machine learning.

“BloomReach provides marketers with the power, scope and action of data insights from the entire Internet without requiring manual intervention,” said Target. Com veteran and Managing Partner Ovative/Dale Nitschke Group “With BloomReach, marketers can focus their resources on content development and creative strategy, allowing machines to maximize the reach and impact of their business content. It has created a compounding effect on the efficiency of online marketing of major brands over time for companies such as Bellacor and Pottery Barn. “That’s right.

On average, BloomReach generates a 92 per cent annual increase in non-branded, natural search traffic and improves pay-as-you-go search profitability by up to 50 per cent by making user experience as relevant as possible to consumer intent.

“The future belongs to marketers who extract the maximum impact from the content they continuously produce. BloomReach delivers the most relevant content at the right time and promotes brand awareness. It adapts and learns as the Internet grows and consumer demand shifts,” said Raj De Datta, CEO and co-founder of BloomReach. “The power and magic of BloomReach lies in the creation of a compound marketing effect. Just like money in a compound-interest account, the longer BloomReach operates in a business, the better we perform to achieve superior user experience and business objectives. “That’s right.

BloomReach has been a fast success since the stealth mode emerged in February 2012. From 2011 to 2012, all of BloomReach’s metrics tripled: revenue increases, team and customer base growth, and the number of BloomReach pages. In a short time, BloomReach has built a leading customer base, including Neiman Marcus, Williams-Sonoma and Bellacor. Its current user base covers retail, travel and real estate and includes three Internet Retailers’ list of top 10 companies.

“Since the implementation of BloomSearch in 2009, Bellacor has created a more relevant user experience that has driven more than 200 percent growth in natural search traffic,” said Chris Fowler, Director of Marketing for Bellacor. “The major problems that BloomReach solves are very complex and require specialized knowledge, sophistication and scalable technology. We are planning to boost our success with more big data applications from BloomReach. “That’s right.

BloomReach has been awarded multiple industry awards, including the 2012 “Red Herring Top 100 North America start-up” award and the Silver Stevie award for the new product or service of the year in the Cloud Platform category.

On BloomReach
BloomReach’s Big Data Marketing Apps maximize revenue—to attract unmet demand and create better user experience by making it easier to find the most relevant products and services.

BloomReach’s signature technology, the Web Relevance Engine (WRE), analyzes consumer interaction across the web and semantically interprets content on more than one billion web pages a day. Cloud applications powered by WRE dynamically adapt websites to capture existing consumer demand across search, social and advertising channels—promoting relevance and significant incremental revenues across a large customer base, including retail, travel, education, financial and listing industries.

The BloomReach team, consisting of leaders in machine learning, large-scale systems science, big data and search from companies such as Google, Cisco and Facebook, is dedicated to delivering relevant results to customers across a wide range of channels across industries. BloomReach is headquartered in Mountain View, CA and is supported by investments

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