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California and Massachusetts-based precision home builder, Blu Homes ( Bluffins Com), raised $25 million in additional capital Investment is led by the Netherlands-based Skagen Group, which has joined existing investors and the new investor Brightpath Capital Partners of California. This latest round, which will help the company invest in its proprietary 3-D and manufacturing technologies and expand its single-family and developer sales teams, brings the total investment in Blu Homes to $50 million since its founding in 2007.

“Our homes have been built to last for generations, and we are building our company to do the same thing. This investment, which comes from a group of thoughtful leaders with a proven track record in building sustainable businesses, puts Blu well into the future for success,” said Bill Haney, founder and president of Blu Homes.

Blu is America’s leading designer and manufacturer of architecturally designed, green, precision-built homes. Blu’s beautiful homes reduce the carbon footprint of the family, energy use and water use by 70% and feature bright, open floor plans, elevated ceilings and luxury amenities. Blu allows people to design their homes online and in 3-D free of charge with Blu Configurator and engineers, and builds its products to the highest precision built standards.

“We are committed to building Blu Homes to become the leading provider of precision-built, green housing in the US and across international markets,” said Loek Malmberg, Executive Chairman of the global investor, Skagen Group. “We invest in leading green technology companies that are scaling up technology innovation to improve the health of the planet. Blu fits perfectly with the focus of our portfolio and our in-depth review convinced us that it has what it takes to revolutionize the global construction industry. “The business holdings of the Skagen Group comprise a diverse portfolio of sustainable products and services companies. Oh, Mr. Malmberg will join the Board of Directors of Blu

“We are very excited about how Blu Homes combines highly proprietary information technology and innovative building science with cutting-edge design and sustainability,” said Rob Davenport, Managing Partner of Brightpath. “Blu epitomizes the best in American innovation, manufacturing and craftsmanship. This is a combination that will drive America forward in the 21st century, while creating green jobs across the country and a world-class product that is licensable and scalable to thousands of homes in the US and international markets. “Oh, Mr. Davenport will also join the Board of Directors of Blu

The houses of Blu are built by skilled craftsmen in the company’s 250,000 square-foot factory in Vallejo, CA. Once completed, the homes will be installed on site in one day and completed in just two weeks by Blu’s teams of craftsmen. This speed and convenience is the result of Blu’s proprietary building science technology, which enables its homes to be folded for rapid and cost-effective transport and on-site installation. All of this is done at a fixed pre-agreed cost.

For more information on Blu Homes, go to Bluffins Com Follow us on Facebook (www) Uh, Facebook Com/Bluhomes) and Twitter (@BluHomes) or email us to build@Bluhomes. Come on,

About Blue HomesBlu Homes, Inc. It is the leading provider of beautiful and green precision-built homes in North America. Built in its own state-of-the-art 250,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Vallejo, California, Blu’s inspired and nationally recognized homes can be found from New York to the Colorado Mountains and the Pacific Coast. Blu’s proprietary steel frame and building technology result in homes that are as strong as they are beautiful; that ship is efficient; and conveniently finished on site by our own teams. Blu homes are more economical, healthier to live in, require less maintenance, and are much stronger than conventional buildings.

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