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Blue Code Technologies, Inc. , the leading provider of Managed Insurance Services for the real estate and casualty (P&C) industry, today announced the closing of an additional investment round led by Edison Ventures, the financial backer of the company’s initial Series A round

Blue Cod will use the new investment to strengthen the company’s core Managed Insurance Services business by accelerating product development and sales and marketing efforts with a focus on the California Earthquake and Coastal Homeowner insurance markets. In his recently expanded role as President and CEO, Robert Bruce guided the funding that served as a follow-up to the C round in August 2011.

“The sales and operational performance targets of Blue Cod are aggressive,” said Bruce. “In response, we have restructured and better focused our sales and marketing efforts, streamlined our business operations and set clear business objectives. The funding, combined with these key changes, will allow us to grow our Managed Insurance Services business intelligently, consistently and effectively. “That’s right.

Over the last 10 years, Blue Cod has grown from an aggressive start-up to a leading provider of Managed Insurance Services in the P&C sector. Continued support and funding from industry-leading venture capitalists further validates the market leadership position of Blue Cod and the strength of the company’s business model.

“Edison Ventures partners with companies with executive leadership, focus and innovation to become market leaders,” said Tom Vander Schaaff, Edison Ventures Partner. “Blue Cod has proved to be evolving and to remain competitive even in an ever-changing and unpredictable insurance business environment. We are confident in the ability of Blue Cod to deliver, and we are proud to continue our support for Blue Cod “That’s right.

About Blue Code Technologies, Inc.

Blue Cod, the leading provider of managed property and casualty insurance (P&C) services, addresses the support and technology needs of operators in the markets of Earthquake, Homeowner, Auto, Farmers and Commercial Package. The Blue Cod team of experienced insurance, technology and implementation specialists delivers high-end insurance services at a lower operating and capital cost than can be achieved by the internal staff of the organization. Blue Cod offers customers the ability to develop customized solutions or take advantage of specialized programs such as CEA Process, Coastal Homeowner, FAIR Plan Process and Assigned Risk Auto.

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