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Global Millennial Capital, an emerging consumer risk capital investor based in Dubai, is pleased to announce its first investment in the Millennium Consumer Innovation Fund II. The investor completed its first transaction by becoming a major investor in Blue Studios, a Silicon Valley ed-tech company founded by Kelley O. Cambry, an African American businesswoman

Blue Studios Inc, established in 2019, is a subscription-based digital education platform with a business model located at the intersection of e-commerce and ed-tech, offering on-demand STEM classes online. The global e-learning market represents USD 238 billion of market opportunities with a 60% concentration outside the USA. The crisis of COVID 19 accelerated the adoption of users with various e-learning ventures, increasing their customer base more than threefold. Blue Studios is a well-managed marketplace that connects families to the best STEM classes taught by the best instructors.

Previously, the company was backed by global investors such as 500 Startups and Techstars Global Millennial Capital aims to work with the founders to support global expansion ambitions by bringing the ed-tech market to emerging markets and connecting them with local influencers and teacher talent, among other corporate development initiatives. “We’re very pleased to be working with Global Millennium Capital From the outset, our ambitions have been to think globally first We share their passion for providing accessible, scalable opportunities for a busy, connected modern family,” says Cambry.

The Millennial Consumer Innovation Fund II is the first B2C-focused venture capital fund from the GCC region that focuses exclusively on investing in early-stage companies that are tech-enabled, consumer-focused and highly scalable globally. The investment strategy was designed in early 2020 on the assumption that the digital sharing economy is expected to disrupt 50% of traditional businesses by 2025, reaching USD 225 billion with key verticals such as ed-tech, fin-tech, AI-consumers expected to deliver double-digit m-o-m growth. The Fund, managed by Global Millennial Capital, aims to provide Arab investors with exclusive and unique investment opportunities to access the latest technology and innovations from the global technology capital of Silicon Valley.

Global Millennium Capital

Global Millennial Capital, based in Dubai, is the first female-founded and managed venture capital team to invest in glocal thinking by enabling the next generation of unicorns to operate online companies that empower consumers to live on their terms and conditions. The company invests across seeds and series A, targeting fundamental disruptions in consumer behavior and betting on extraordinary entrepreneurs engaging and enchanting consumers, while disrupting traditional sectors.

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